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Mount of the Month: The RAM® Bow-Cam™ Is Back

Mount of the Month: The RAM® Bow-Cam Is Back

By RAM Mounts

April 6, 2018

The popular RAM® Bow-Cam mount has returned, allowing you to capture all the action by attaching your action camera or phone to your bow.

Available with either a universal action camera adapter or the RAM® X-Grip® phone cradle, both kits include a RAM® Tough-Ball and standard length arm. It’s as easy as connecting to your bow’s stabilizer port and adjusting for the perfect angle.

To learn more, see the Q&A below:

Mount of the Month Q&A:
RAM® Bow-Cam for Action Cameras and Phones

What’s the RAM® Bow-Cam™ used for?

Get great video from your action camera or phone while you’re out hunting or at the archery range.

What does it do?

The RAM® Bow-Cam allows you to attach your action camera or phone to your bow.

How’s it work?

The included RAM® Tough-Ball with a male threaded post connects to the bow’s stabilizer port, allowing the standard length arm and device to be adjusted to the perfect angle.

What else should I know?

If you’re worried about shaky video, RAM® double ball and socket mounts feature vibration damping that helps to achieve a stable shot.

When is it available?

The RAM® Bow-Cam is available now in two kits:

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