Now Available: RAM® Hand-Track™ and Center Connector | RAM Mounts
Now Available: RAM® Hand-Track™ & Center Connector

Now Available: RAM® Hand-Track & Center Connector

By RAM Mounts

March 16, 2018

With the RAM® Hand-Track and Center Connector, create your very own elevated track mounting solution that also acts as a hand rail.

An excellent solution for ATVs, boats, kayaks, and vehicles, the RAM® Hand-Track stands at 2.5″ tall and includes two top-loading end caps for attaching to a flat surface. The end caps add 6″ in overall length. With a wide range of compatible RAM® track mounts, easily secure action cameras, drinks, fishfinders, phones, rod holders, and more.

The RAM® Hand-Track is available in lengths from 4″ to 30″:

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Center Connector with RAM® Hand-Track Extension

Create an even longer solution using the RAM® Hand-Track with Center Connector kit.

Each kit includes one RAM® Hand-Track extension – in lengths from 4″ to 30″ – and one top-loading Center Connector. Simply combine an existing RAM® Hand-Track to one end of the Center Connector and the included extension. Install using a 1/4″-20 machine screw or #14 sheet metal screw.

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