How to Use the RAM® Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base for Your Motorcycle
How to Use the Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base for Your Motorcycle

How to Use the Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base for Your Motorcycle

By RAM Mounts

September 27, 2017

The versatility of the RAM Mounts product line is one of the reasons it’s so unique, and the Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base — featuring two 1″ balls — is a great example. Designed to attach to your motorcycle’s handlebar via the clutch/brake clamp, the two 1″ balls allow you to mount anything from a RAM® X-Grip® phone cradle and an action camera to a drink cup holder and GPS.

Check out the below review from the adventurers at MotoGeo to get their thoughts on installing and using the Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base:

RAM Mounts Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base MotoGeo Review

So for this next gear review I’d like to talk about this RAM Mounts Brake and Clutch Reservoir Base.

Now I’ve been using this here on my Scrambler recently and I found it super useful. It actually clamps to what’s already there — your brake or your clutch already has a base there to secure it to the handlebar. This just mounts straight to that.

It comes with two different sets of bolts to accommodate different threads. I’ve been using it with a RAM® X-Grip® and with a GoPro®, making double use out of something that is already there, clamped to your handlebar. Super small, super useful.

Get the Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base for your motorcycle.

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3 thoughts on “How to Use the Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base for Your Motorcycle”

  1. I put one of these on my 1998 Road King several years ago. It looks good even without anything attached to it. An eye catcher and conversation starter when not in use. When in use, the perfect location for my phone and cup-holder.

  2. I just mounted this base to my Harley Davidson Electra glide. Put my phone on the mount with the phone cradle and it seems to be pretty Damn secure. I have my life in my phone and would hate to have it flying off while cruising down the road. I haven’t gone out for a road test yet but I’ll get back to this post if I have problems

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