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4 Ways the Tube Jr. Rod Holder Will Improve Your Summer Fishing

By Bryden McGrath

June 8, 2017

Summer is just around the corner, and that means the water is calling. Before you cast your line, make sure your fishing setup is ready – especially the crucial but sometimes overlooked rod holder.

The fishing rod holder has long been an angling staple when it comes to trolling, but rod holders also allow you to pay more attention to your fishfinder and operating your craft. (And, it should go without saying, your lunch.) So before you take out the boat or kayak, here are four ways our most popular rod holder – the Tube Jr.™ with RAM-ROD® Revolution Ratchet – will make the perfect summer fishing companion.


1. The Choice Is Yours

Baitcaster or spinning reel? Whichever you prefer, the Tube Jr. has you covered as each hole and cutout serves a purpose.

With one side of the rod holder, simply insert your baitcaster into the bottom slot and lift to remove. If you’re using a spinning reel, drop it in on the opposite side. To secure it, rotate your reel into one of the multiple indents allowing for the most convenient placement. Compatible with left and right-handed reels.

2. Stay Versatile on the Water

The 8-inch RAM-ROD Revolution ratchet arm helps make the Tube Jr. one of the most versatile rod holders you can find. Position your fishing rod in almost any direction, even offset to the side or stored flush against the deck of your kayak. The Tube Jr. is also open-ended on both sides to fit all fishing rod lengths.

3. Compatible with Your Favorite Track System


If you’re looking to mount your rod holder to your favorite track system, look no further. This kit includes the Tube Jr. and a 1.5″ Track Ball™ and is compatible with almost all track systems including our favorite, the RAM® Tough-Track.

4. With This Rod Holder, You’re Not Alone

Like mentioned previously, the Tube Jr. is the most popular RAM rod holder, so you definitely won’t be alone putting your trust in it. Considering its reliability, versatility and compatibility with the rest of the RAM Mounts ball and socket system, it’s no surprise the Tube Jr. is a best-seller and crowd-pleaser.

Of course, the Tube Jr. isn’t the only RAM rod holder that gets the job done. See more rod holders, like the heavier duty RAM-TUBE™ series, as well as fishfinder and device mounts that are sure to meet all your fishing needs.

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