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Behind the Scenes: RAM® Mounts Commitment to Quality

Behind the Scenes: RAM® Mounts Commitment to Quality

By RAM Mounts

January 11, 2017

RAM® Mounts is proud to call Seattle home. We’re also proud to have grown alongside Washington state’s technology powerhouses such as Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing.

We took a few minutes to sit down with the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) to share our vision and our commitment to quality.

We care. A lot.

One key feature of each of our products is that a human hand touches each component as it’s made. From the time the raw aluminum ingots are unloaded from the truck to the time the shipping labels are applied, a RAM® employee has personally invested in its quality and craftsmanship. Overall, we have more than 360 employees working to deliver a high-quality product.

Manufacturing products you enjoy

In the video, you’ll see the passion that our employees bring to making the products we provide. Skilled craftsmen run our aluminum foundry and run our plastics injection machines. But it goes deeper than that. We understand the needs of you – the customer – because we’re also the customer. And we’re excited to share that with you in this video.

How do you use RAM® Mounts while doing your favorite things? We’d love to hear about how you experience your passions with our products.

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