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How First Responders Can Use Mobile Devices for Better Responses

How First Responders Can Use Mobile Devices for Better Responses

By RAM Mounts

October 26, 2016

Response times are crucial for the safety of those experiencing an emergency and those that are brave enough to respond to them. One of the core ways that response time can be improved is to integrate mobile technology into the first responders’ tool kits.

Nearly every department around the world that we work with is incorporating the latest generation of tablets into their aid vehicles. But why?

first responder electronics mounting solutionFirst responders use tablets for record keeping, mapping, report writing and medical data. They want to easily remove the device for on-scene use, and easily/securely keep it in the trucks while driving.

Additionally, the rise of E911 and the integration of services such as Data911 can create an instantaneous connection between the responders, dispatch and the scene to ensure that the firefighters or EMTs have a game plan that accounts for all variables.

Make firefighting mobile

One trend that we are seeing is while rugged devices such as Panasonic ToughPads and the Data911 terminals ride shotgun, a consumer device such as a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or iPad are used in the rear of the fire truck.

Firefighters can quickly grab the tablets to access floorplans, communications software and patient health information. These advancements in firefighting and lifesaving technology means that firefighters are able to more quickly assess a situation and react.

The increased technology has directly impacted how first responders approach their jobs now. We spoke with Deputy Chief Tim Day as he finalized preparation for his department’s newest engine. Tim outlined some of the advancements and advantages that having mobile devices in the fire engines can offer.

The ability to mount a tablet anywhere in the cab means that any firefighter personnel can use it. Having an adjustable and functional mount that doesn’t block the driver’s view is crucial. The officer can then focus on navigating while having access to critical information.

A tablet or mobile computing solution makes the cab of the engine safer as well, Day said. A modular mount enables a firefighter to remain buckled in to access the information instead of reaching for binders or atlas books. Those binders of plans, contact lists and maps were hard to maintain. And the tablets reduce things moving in the cab that could hurt the firefighters.

Day referred to firefighters as “industrial athletes” and they need to function while wearing their protective equipment. This means that when arriving at the scene, they can just pull the device out of the mount and get to work. And, once a call is over, the third can complete the report while underway.

Securing safety

What makes RAM® Mounts the best option for mounting mobile devices for first responders? Whether it’s a rugged terminal or a tablet, RAM Mounts supports it. RAM is ahead of the competition in tablet mounting vs. laptop mounting. As tablets replace laptops, we already have options to mount in a variety of locations where other manufacturers can not. Our customizable mounting points and modular components means that the device is always securely where it is needed.

RAM Mounts products hold up to the rugged conditions that firefighters, EMTs and police officers experience daily. Functionality is our best asset giving each individual the ability to adjust and position their devices so that they are ergonomically correct for them. Ease of use is also key. When they need to grab a device and go, or put a device into action, the ability to easily take a device in and out of its dock quickly is paramount.

You can get your customized mobile device mounting solution from RAM Mounts now.


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