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Introducing IntelliSkin® for the iPad Pro 9.7

Introducing IntelliSkin® for the iPad Pro 9.7

By RAM Mounts

September 23, 2016

The IntelliSkin® transforms a consumer device into a rugged and powerful business tool. But what happens when you start with a rugged and powerful business tool?

You end up with the IntelliSkin for the iPad Pro 9.7. Apple’s flagship business tablet now has a rugged case that features an overmolded charging port compatible with GDS Technology™.

The Pogo Pin connector offers charging and data transfer and saves the Apple Lightning port from the stresses of repeated plugging and unplugging from heavy use. It also standardizes the charging connector so you don’t have to hunt for a Lightning cable or micro USB to charge your device.

RAM-GDS-DOCKL-V2-LG2U_HR_001Along with the IntelliSkin for the Apple iPad Pro 9.7, we are also launching the IntelliSkin for the LG G Pad F 8-inch tablet. This powerful Android-based tablet features an integrated stylus and the IntelliSkin has integrated an access for it as well.

Keep them all charged

GDS Technology ensures that a standardized dock is available for any device. Today, we are introducing the next step toward making that happen. Beginning today, you can order the new 6 or 4-gang charge only GDS® docks.

These multi-device charging stations are perfect for keeping all of your devices charged and at the ready. Recent research from the consumer analyst firm NPD reports that the average home has 7.8 connected devices. While this seems like a lot, a 6-gang charger can keep them all at 100 percent.

And because even at work we use multiple devices, the charging docks are a great option for keeping your entire workforce productive.

Our new 6 and 4-gang desktop docks for charging only streamlines the cords and keeps your device charged and ready. These docks offer integrated charging but no data sync, which means a smaller footprint and flexibility of where it can be deployed. The new dock is a charge only solution that has one plug in the back, which makes it significantly more compact. This multi-port dock can be used to charge up to 6 GDS Compatible™ devices at once and we have streamlined the price as well.

Head over and check out our new IntelliSkin and GDS offerings today!

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