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RAM® Mounts Delivers Innovations for Education

RAM® Mounts Delivers Innovations for Education

By RAM Mounts

July 12, 2016

School may be out for summer, but teachers and administrators all over are focusing on how they can make classrooms and education better than ever for their students.

RAM® Mounts had the good fortune of spending some time recently with some of the top educators at the ISTE 2016 show, which emphasizes technology in the classroom. This was the first time RAM Mounts has exhibited and it was an amazing opportunity to connect with a market that strives to be the best. As the “new kid,” we wanted to share a bit more about what makes RAM Mounts the perfect back to school accessory.

Added protection and durability

As technology becomes integral to the education experience, the need to manage those devices and ensure they can withstand the daily rigors of use is crucial to protect the public investment. IntelliSkin™ and GDS™ Technology is uniquely positioned to add durability to the Apple, Android and Windows-powered devices that are in use in classrooms globally.

IntelliSkin protects the devices from drops from desks (or into backpacks). It also protects the susceptible charging ports from the repeated charging from daily heavy use. The universal dock, which works with any device for which we have an Intelliskin (Apple, Samsung, Microsoft) also “future-proofs” the classroom. We’ve created a simple solution to a set of problems that currently exist in every school district.

Modular and dynamic mounting solution

Any institution from K-12 and higher education can utilize RAM Mounts rugged mounting system. The mounts are versatile and can be adapted to secure any projector, speakers or document reader.

Unlike other mounts on the market, RAM allows you to mount items where you need them most. The unique design of the RAM Mounts system provides quick installation, adjustability, strength, vibration dampening and durability. And all at a low cost. RAM uses marine-grade aluminum with a powder-coated finish, light-weight and high-strength composites, stainless steel hardware and nitrile rubber balls. All of our products are backed by lifetime warranty.

Vast network of partners to support the future

While RAM may have been the “new kid” at ISTE, our partnerships, experience in the education space and relationships with the industry’s top technology integrators is not. RAM has long standing partnerships with CDW, Insight and many others.

We are also forging relationships with the top cart manufacturers and blending our strengths. This will enable us to deliver revolutionary charging and protection solutions that will enhance the classroom for years to come.

Commitment to innovating the future of education technology

We are actively working on a solution that continues to solve real problems in the classroom. And while at ISTE 2016, we had on display a working prototype of a new scalable docking solution. We heard that that students were commonly spending up to twenty percent of each 50-minute school period dealing with charging cart management: 5 minutes at the beginning of each period removing their tablets, and 5 minutes at the end of each period plugging the tablets back in to the correct cables.

But, we plan on fixing that. And in the meantime, if you want to learn how, let us know and we’ll set up a demo.


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