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Keep Track of Your Paddling with the New Motionize Tracker

Keep Track of Your Paddling with the New Motionize Tracker

By RAM Mounts

July 8, 2016

Motionize is the first dual sensor paddling tracker made by paddlers, for paddlers. It allows paddlers to get data about their performance as they paddle. It’s a unique opportunity to improve stroke by stroke instead of session to session. With Motionize paddlers can improve their stroke instantly, from one stroke to another with its top view live feature. Get feedback and coaching tips in real-time, while you’re paddling.

Improve from stroke to stroke, not from session to session.

And now you can get this feedback at a customizable angle thanks to its integration with RAM® Mounts. Motionize and RAM Mounts have partnered to include a custom RAM® X-Grip® with each order of the Motionize Paddle tracker system.

Real-time data makes your experience more fun

Motionize RAM Mounts When you refine your technique, paddling is easier, more fun and your endurance improves. Focus on the experience and let Motionize help you correct your paddling. Paddlers can also use training plans from Motionize to reach new time, distance, and performance goals.

The two independent sensors make it possible to see distance per stroke, strokes per minute, stroke length, number of strokes per session, the ratio between the efficiency of your technique and heart rate (requires a heart rate strap – not included) and much more additional data.

With RAM Mounts, Motionize users can position their phone anywhere on deck. RAM Mounts also allows paddlers to fit their phone to nearly any kayak, in a way that is comfortable. Paddlers can keep the phone in view without it having to be in a fixed location.

Motionize RAM MountsUsing RAM Mounts allows a larger variety or users to join the paddle tech movement. The RAM® X-Grip® is simple to mount, holds a huge range of phones and is adjustable while in use. The product’s flexibility and versatility is remarkable.

Customers love feeling relaxed because RAM Mounts give them the confidence that the phone won’t fall. They also love being able to change the angle to avoid glare.

Customers can get Motionize Edge at a $249 special intro price.

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