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Rugged mounting systems for first responders

Rugged mounting systems for first responders

By Kyle Lonzak

June 28, 2016

Ever wondered how the local police departments train for the high-speed driving their jobs sometimes require? We got to experience it first hand and learn a lot about how to mount their technology.

Each two years, Systems for Public Safety organizes a track day and we were fortunate to be able to join this year’s event. RAM Mounts was invited to present the different mounting solutions that we manufacture for the Public Safety Industry. Throughout the day, attendees had the opportunity to pilot former police vehicles around a 40 mph short course. And, we got to drive current in-service vehicles around a 100 mph road course!

Mounts for public safety

Every day, law enforcement agencies and first responders help make our world a safer place. These unsung heroes have to adapt to an ever-changing world and continue to keep their skills as sharp as possible. Part of that is being able to utilize the latest and greatest communication equipment and other technologies. RAM Mounts has worked with several large providers in the space such as WatchGuard Video and Coban for several years now helping them help users better interact with their technologies.


We were able to test the staying power of a RAM® X-Grip® cell phone mount on a suction cup base. We also demonstrated the durability of IntelliSkin™ with GDS™ cell phone cradle in several different vehicles.

We also installed cameras in the vehicles to film the officers and instructors pilot the vehicles. The mounts were perfect for capturing the skill of the officers who swiftly passed through the course and our wide eyes as the safety cones blurred by. The response from those who were able to interact with these products was overwhelming and allowed us to carry on conversations at the booth which we had set up only a few yards away from the course.

RAM Mounts First Responder mounting systemMost of all, we were able to connect with the first responders who are helping keep our streets safe.

Ready to take RAM Mounts for a ride of your own? Explore our mounts for first responders and public safety here.



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