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7 Ways to Use RAM® for Off Road Adventures

By RAM Mounts

June 24, 2016

This weekend, motorcycles and 4X4s will come together in the northwest for one huge rally. Uniting the two communities for the Touratech rally and the NW Overland Rally is a great opportunity to learn from each group about how to operate on the trails and navigate the back woods.

The rallies are this weekend, June 25/26 just outside of Leavenworth, Wash. and RAM Mounts will be on the trails next to everyone out there. Come join us!

In the spirit of this adventure, we wanted to share some of our tips for how to use RAM Mounts while you are exploring the back country.  Here are some ways to get the most out of exploring that last mile:

  1. Length equals vibration: Try to keep your mount base and device close as possible when in rough environments
  2. Videos are more dramatic and entertaining when you have unique camera angles. Using the RAM® Mounts Tough-Claw™, you can find just the right position for that great shot
  3. X grips the spot: RAM® X-Grip® can be used for anything it can get its X into. The RAM® X-Grip® is not just for phones and tablets. Speakers, cameras, lights and more; there are hundreds of items that can fit in a RAM® X-Grip®
  4. Many bases and one device: you can have many bases and transfer your device and RAM mount to them all with the modular design of the RAM mounting system
  5. Trail riding is unpredictable: using the included Web Tether with your RAM® X-Grip® will ensure your device will remain in the mount even if you come off yours
  6. Rain on a ride: Use a resealable bag to make your device water proof in the RAM® X-Grip® and use the web tether to secure the device in the mount
  7. Think safety: When mounting devices on your bike make sure to think of the placement of the device, does it interfere with steering, getting on or off the bike or the use of any of the controls. Safety is the most important factor when mounting items to your motorcycle

The rallies are a unique experience with the two communities together in one field. RAM will be at both events supporting Touratech and Das Mule outfitters. We will have giveaways and teaching short classes on how to use the RAM system in your 4X4 and motorcycle. The unique dual rally gives you the chance to explore more facets of expedition style exploration be it on a 4X4 or on an adventure bike. The rally is open on both sides with the signing of a waiver for each side of the event so sign up and come join us!

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