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Take charge of your agriculture

Take charge of your agriculture

By RAM Mounts

May 25, 2016

Farmers are all too familiar with having to get more from a smaller space. This is increasingly true in the cabs of modern tractors and tractors that farmers are utilizing more and more technology to help maximize crop yields.

seed2020We work with several companies in the software and tractor space and have helped them navigate the introduction of precision-planting technology and hardware into the machines.

We recently had an opportunity to work with our friends at Precision Planting to display the 20/20 SeedSense in our booth and wanted to share one of the interesting things we learned.

This year, since rolling out with our IntelliSkin® and GDS® products for Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft, RAM is making a big leap into the world of precision farming. We’re moving away from providing just the hardware necessary to mount equipment in-cab but we’re also entering into the electronic hardware market with software companies such as Precision Planting and TeeJet.

The coolest thing about the IntelliSkin and GDS technology isn’t that you can now simply charge your cellphone or tablet in-cab, because you had that ability already. Instead, it’s that you can now convert your existing precision farming monitors into a seamless power supply when connected to the GDS dock via USB. You’ll never have to plug your charging cable into the device again! As a result, you can now charge, protect, and pass data through your devices in-cab when using the IntelliSkin and GDS combination.

With the state of the Ag economy in disarray, we have the perfect solution to retrofit tractors, service trucks, ATVs, and numerous other vehicles that may be present on the farm with new technologies. If your budget is tight this year because commodity prices are down, consider evaluating your options when looking at bringing additional electronics in-cab. Use your existing precision farming displays like the 20/20 to support any tablets or cellphones that you may have, and keep them charged all while you farm! If you want to learn more about how IntelliSkin can benefit your farm, visit our agricultural page.

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