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Introducing the New Look of RAM® Mounts

Introducing the New Look of RAM® Mounts

By RAM Mounts

May 24, 2016

RAM® Mounts products have always had a simple elegance to them. The hour-glass shape of the arms, the simple rubber ball and the efficiency of the X-Grip® are all hallmarks of RAM products.

But when you went to purchase them from your local motorcycle shop, kayak outfitter or outdoors store, the best you would find was a plastic bag or a generic clamshell. Until today.

Today, we are super excited to introduce you to the new look of RAM Mounts retail packaging. We are kicking off the new packaging with several versions of our popular X-Grip lineup but we will ultimately have more than 110 different packages available from our retail partners.

We recognize that being able to find a product on store shelves is a significant challenge. We also want to deliver the same quality and experience you expect from our products with this new packaging. Recognizing that RAM Mounts are a premium product and we wanted to ensure that our presence on store shelves reflected the dedication to a product that is as amazing as it is durable.

As you can see, we have taken a completely different approach to our packaging.


It features an elegant overview of how to use the product you’re buying, mounting options for different uses and a convenient sizing guide.

howtouse     options        sizing guide

Our new packaging will be available in stores soon so be on the lookout. Or, starting today, you can order one of these X-Grip mounts now!

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