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RAM® Pin-Lock™ Protects Your Gear

RAM® Pin-Lock™ Protects Your Gear

By RAM Mounts

April 8, 2016

Ensure your electronics are safe and sound with the theft-resistant RAM® Pin-Lock™. The RAM® Pin-Lock™ provides a sound layer of security to your mount and gimbal bracket, all while keeping the adjustments seamless with the included keys.

We have engineered this to be a theft deterrent as well as keep the tension knob on the arm from getting knocked loose. The RAM® Pin-Lock™ knob quickly can replace the tension knob that is included in the standard RAM® Mounts set.

What makes the RAM® Pin-Lock™ a great option is that you won’t be able to adjust or move the components without the key. When the key is in place, it functions as a standard mount.

The RAM® Pin-Lock™ is a quick and cost-effective option for protecting your fish finders, cameras or other valuable electronics. So, whether you are mounting a fish finder, tablet or laptop, ensure your device is safe and sound with the RAM® Pin-Lock™!


  • Compatible with any B, C, or D size mounts
  • Tether point on key for lanyard or standard key ring
  • Low profile design
  • Manufactured with high-strength composite material
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

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  1. looking for a mount that clamps onto existing rear view mirror mounting tube. this is to hold a very light dashcam. anything???

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