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RAM® Mounts Named Winner of 2016 MHI Innovation Award

RAM® Mounts Named Winner of 2016 MHI Innovation Award

By RAM Mounts

April 6, 2016

Jake's AwardInnovation is at the core of IntelliSkin® and GDS® Docks. From the very first concept to the models, prototypes and passionate discussions around our conference room table, the desire to deliver a product that solves not just “a” problem, but many problems was in the foreground.

And today, MHI has recognized that problem solving and named IntelliSkin® and GDS® Technology™ as the winner of its 2016 Innovation Awards in the IT Product category.

We have used the word “innovative” selectively and only when it’s warranted as the term generally invites a healthy dose of skepticism. But when not one but two major industry organizations bestow the label of “innovative” on a product, one must pay attention. But how did we get here?

The emergence of IntelliSkin®

Early GDS Technology. Through the numerous conversations we had with both consumers and enterprise customers, we began to realize the need for a product that not only protected the consumer devices that were increasingly pressed into rugged duty but also kept them charged and functional.

We saw a pain point in the inability to protect, dock and charge and our customers were stuck with legacy peripherals that kept them confined to a desk, vehicle or forklift.

We envisioned an ecosystem that supported the modern realities of how businesses utilize their devices and how customers interact with business device outside of the work environment. IntelliSkin® was developed through interactions with customers and even collaborations with other manufacturers.

Continuing to innovate

diagram-illustration-gds-dock-hubThe creation of a device ecosystem through the over molded charging connector leads us to a future where the GDS® docking technology supports data transfer, charging and even extends the functionality of your devices.

We are already working with several OEMs to develop cases that provide integrated bar code scanning, point of sale functionality and more. And, we are actively in discussion with leading case manufacturers to integrate the built in charging connection into their cases and enable compatibility across our entire line of GDS® compatible docks and accessories.

IntelliSkin® and GDS® support high speed data transfer in addition to charging capabilities. This means that you can sync inventory data, files and even stream music through the docking system. The GDS® desktop docks utilize a distinctive “D”-shape magnetized connector for alignment and stability. We have also engineered several methods to maintain that solid connection with vehicle docks designed for environments with significant vibration.

The “D” shape feature of the GDS® connector offers standardization across all of your devices. This means that when a new device is released, a simple upgrade of the skin enables use of all existing docks and accessories, equating to a low cost of upgrading as devices evolve.

Innovate with the future

IntelliSkin for iPad Pro at work.As businesses increasingly rely on consumer devices in rugged use cases, a protective case can extend the life of the device and lower the total cost of ownership.

Companies are adding functionality such as RFID, NFC and even integrated bar code scanning directly into the stock devices. By utilizing IntelliSkin® and GDS®, companies can utilize consumer devices beyond phone calls and email. As new devices and peripherals are integrated into companies’ workflows, IntelliSkin® and GDS® will be right alongside of them ready to assure these devices are always protected and always connected.

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