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Taking RAM Mounts deep into the timber

Taking RAM Mounts deep into the timber

By RAM Mounts

March 15, 2016

One of the amazing things that social media has enabled is that we get to have direct interactions with our customers and hear their stories in almost real time. A customer recently connected with us through our Facebook page and we thought his story was a lot of fun.

Kristoffer runs a forest service company in northern Sweden, which is amazing in its own right. Technology has quickly found its way into an industry that has a lot of history and roots in simple machinery.

Rammounts Rammounts in a john deere 1070E IT4 harvester @rammounts ?? #rammounts #xgrip #rammount @ramnordic #ipadair @kiwitools

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Kristoffer’s company, B-O Skogsservice AB (or B-O Forests Service CO in English) is a small operation, running two machines: a 2016 John Deere 1070E IT4 harvester and a 2014 John Deere 1210E forwarder. The company performs first time thinning and second time thinning with the machines.

Kristoffer said that he first saw a RAM® Mount cup holder and “fell for the sturdiness and the feeling of it being really well made and could handle some weight.” So, when the company received its new harvester he decided that he was going to have an iPad Air to help keep them focused while working.  The company already had the RAM Mounts X-Grip® for its phones, so it bought a C-size mount for the iPad.

The versatility and durability makes it a valuable asset for Kristoffer’s operations. He said that they mainly use the iPad for music and soundbooks while working. He said that because you can easily change the angle and the position of the holder, the X-Grip works for whoever is running the machine. “We chose because it doesn’t matter what phone you have, everyone fits, with or without protection shells on them.”

Our OEM partner John Deere has already pre installed a RAM Mounts compatible mounting system in its tractors for computers and other equipment, which Kristoffer said is a great asset “because it is fast to attach and detach and change the position of the monitor.”

Thank you Kristoffer for sharing your story and your experience. If you’d like to share your story, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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