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Mobile Mounts for Finding Fish

Mobile Mounts for Finding Fish

By RAM Mounts

March 29, 2016

One of the great benefits of quickly progressing fish finder and GPS technology is that it is creating more compact and powerful displays that can be used on all sizes of boats, kayaks or PWCs. The need for a large fish finder head units is now an option instead of a necessity. And, selecting the right fish finder mount for your kayak has many great options as well.

The options for compact fish finding technology are quickly growing. Larger household names like Lowrance and Raymarine are now offering WiFi capabilities built in to their head units and smaller companies such as Vexilar and Fish Hunter have come out with compact fish finders that offer similar features. As a way of making the fish finders even more compact, some manufacturers are choosing to do away with the display and utilize tablets or cell phones as the display screen.

Waterproof and secure mounts are all the more crucial when mounting those phones and tablets. One of the best way to keep your new, multi-function fish finder screen safe and secure is the RAM® X-Grip™.


Here are a few tips to consider when using the RAM® X-Grip® to secure your WiFi-enabled fish finder:

  • Utilize the tether that RAM Mounts now includes with every RAM® X-Grip® which serves as an added security feature to keep your phone secured in to place once mounted.
  • Phones and tablets are typically not waterproof so be sure to pick up a nice waterproof case that will not let moisture inside just in case water gets splashed on it while bringing in a monster fish.
  • Consider where you will mount the RAM® X-Grip®. If you’ll want to relocate the mount in different locations on your craft based on the situation, make sure to use a mounting base like the suction cup or Tough-Claw™.
  • Change your screen display settings before launching to ensure your screen doesn’t dim or lock while you’re on the water.

Regardless of the product you select as your WiFi fish finding setup one thing remains the same. The need to mount the phone or tablet so you can see and interact with the screen without actually having to hold it in your hands.

The RAM® X-Grip does just that. With smaller sizes of the RAM® X-Grip® made for all types of smart phones to a larger size RAM® X-Grip® made specifically for tablets, RAM Mounts has you covered.

Although holding the device is one part of the equation, the question quickly becomes how to secure the mounting base that holds the RAM® X-Grip® to your boat, paddleboard or kayak. Lucky for you, the RAM® Mounts interchangeable system has hundreds of different ways to mount to a multitude of surfaces with mounting solutions including suction cups, drill down bases, adhesive bases, track mounted bases and many other options.

Check out our wide selection of kayak and paddleboard accessories and make sure you have your electronics and gear secured.

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