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IntelliSkin® for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0

IntelliSkin® for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0

By RAM Mounts

February 19, 2016

Consumer electronics are displacing purpose-built enterprise devices at a rapid pace. The user experience is improved and the ability to provision devices has never been faster. The challenge of course comes with ensuring that those devices are durable and built to last.

IntelliSkin® is a protective case that ruggedizes consumer tablets and phones. Our newest model is for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0 and is available for pre-order now to protect a consumer device that is already finding homes in rugged environments such as road side assistance and long-haul delivery trucks.

Ready for work

The protection and ruggedness that IntelliSkin provides for these highly capable tablets has enabled some great opportunities for RAM Mounts customers. For example, we were approached by a regional roadside assistance provider that wanted to process payments. They are currently testing the Samsung tablet along with being able to charge customers for transactions such as new batteries or tire repairs immediately after a repair is completed.

This efficiency could mean fewer invoices outstanding and even the ability to sell additional services in the field.

We are also working with a regional delivery company that not only has stringent state and federal laws to comply with, but also wants to utilize a device that can check in deliveries. Federal trip logging requirements and vehicle inspection documentation are crucial data that drivers and operators need to ensure are managed. Having a tablet that can manage those requirements yet also process loads is a great efficiency boon for the company.

Plus, the drivers are able to utilize a form factor that is familiar, functional and connected through LTE service.

Safe for the streets

IntelliSkin offers ruggedization for consumer tablets and GDS™ Technology enables a universal charging solution that keeps the devices charged and data synced at all times. Coupled with Mil-Spec tested drop protection, the IntelliSkin for the Samsung Tab E 8.0 makes a great low-profile option for a dynamic tablet.

The IntelliSkin for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0 is available for pre-order now.

Samsung Tab E 8.0 IntelliSkin

1. IntelliSkin offers drop protection as well as shelters your device from scratches and other debris
2. The integrated connector protects your device’s connector and prevents damage due to repetitive plugging and unplugging
3. IntelliSkin features GDS molded ruggedized docking contacts designed for repetitive docking and undocking
4. The integrated GDS connector makes the IntelliSkin compatible with all GDS docking stations
5. Compatible with the optional HandStand™ tablet hand strap with integrated kickstand
6. 3 Year Warranty

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