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RAM Mounts secures farming’s future

RAM Mounts secures farming’s future

By RAM Mounts

January 19, 2016

The best part about a modular mounting system is that it’s modular. Being able to take a piece originally designed to hold bait and knives and transforming it so it holds papers, tools and even a snack is a great benefit.

For Jeff Miller, who coordinates operations for the 1,000-acre Whispering Oats Farms in Elkhorn Wisconsin, a modular mounting system designed for agricultural use has also meant being able to increase crop yields by 20% year over year for two consecutive years.

The evolution of farming

Custom RAM Mounts bracket
This iPad-powered system has helped the Whispering Oats Farms increase crop yields 20% each year for the last two years.

Jeff uses RAM Mounts on machinery that was originally built in the 1980s. While more modern machinery is also used on the farm, his trusty tractors simply weren’t equipped to utilize the precision planting software the farm began using four years ago.

Whispering Oats Farms grows corn and soybeans. But, by utilizing modern GPS, computers that monitor soil conditions, watering patterns and seed density, the farm has been able to get more from their ground and cut down on some resources used.

Jeff, who was a banking software programmer before he traded in a keyboard for muck boots has seen the evolution in person. “Back when the older units were designed and marketed, the concepts of GPS, smart phones and big data were only imagined in science fiction,” he said. “Today, we rely on these devices to produce increasingly larger volumes of product on the same unit of land.”

Increased efficiency is one other benefit the farm has seen. The farm was able to eliminate the prior way of using a liquid foam from the sprayer boom that created a linear marking that showed where the fertilizer had been sprayed. Now, a simple GPS module paints the path on the screen.

Whispering Oats Farms has seen two consecutive years of 20% increase in corn production based on data captured and analyzed during the planting and harvesting processes. And RAM Mounts keeps that data front and center. Well, data and lunch.

Keeping the chips on the table

028Jeff has adapted the Stack-n-Stow bait table to be a valuable resource in the cab of his tractors. He uses the integrated magnets to hold his glasses secure and a piece of steel that he uses to keep his lunch from flying around the cab.

“Being in a tractor, bouncing around a field, can wreak havoc on anything not secured inside the cab,” Jeff said. “This is even more critical given the thousands of dollars of investment in these sensitive electrical components. RAM Mounts have been used to secure ipads, iphones, monitors, GPS guidance modules, bottles of water and tools.”

Jeff has had to fab up some of the mounts like his custom-designed portable satellite radio. But that flexibility is part of the allure of RAM Mounts. The full modular system means that regardless of how you want to mount your gear, there’s a way to do it. But, being able to mount any device; in any environment; in any configuration is truly revolutionary.

“Your products have revolutionized our operation. Thanks for that,” Jeff said.

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