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Pump up your RAM Mounts Tough-Wedge

By RAM Mounts

January 14, 2016

We’ve made the RAM Mounts Tough-Wedge™ even tougher. You can now add a rugged inflatable insert that strengthens the seal between your seat and enables the Tough-Wedge™ to conform to the different shapes of a vehicle’s console.

You can order the new Tough-Wedge™ with inflatable insert as a package or, if you need to support your existing Tough Wedge, you can order the insert now.

When you add the insert into the Tough-Wedge™ and inflate it, it adds the same stability as permanently installed mounts. Yet, you can quickly deflate the air bag and move the device to another vehicle. This is especially great for testing new devices across a diverse fleet of vehicles or simply for having a mobile mounting option that is ultra secure.

Tough-Wedge side by side


The inflatable insert is a cost-effective and flexible way to add extra stability to your device mounting in the interior of a vehicle. But, the Tough-Wedge™ is now able to be used in any environment thanks to the inflatable insert. It can lock securely into place and adapt to the environment around it.

So, if you’re looking to experiment with new devices in your vehicle, or, you’re looking for a low-profile mounting option, the Tough-Wedge™ is for you.


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