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Introducing IntelliSkin® for the Samsung Galaxy S2

By RAM Mounts

December 1, 2015

Beginning today, you can order the IntelliSkin® for the Samsung Galaxy S2 8.0 and IntelliSkin® for the Samsung Galaxy S2 9.7 tablets. But that’s not the best part.

What’s the best part? Beginning today, you can order not only those IntelliSkin® sleeves, but the GDS docks for your car and a wide array of power accessories for your home, office and vehicle.

The IntelliSkin® case protects your tablet from the drops, bumps and repeated charges these versatile devices are subject to. An integrated connector, which is molded directly into the skin, prevents damage to the connector on your device from repetitious docking and un-docking. The case is also certified as having passed a rigorous Mil Spec drop test and can protect your case from repeated drops.

In addition to amazing protection, IntelliSkin® provides the ability to extend the device’s functionality through some of our various accessories. The HandStand makes it the perfect home machine by creating a pop out stand that makes watching videos or following recipes a snap.

If you want to take your tablet into your car, work truck or fork lift, we’ve got that taken care of as well. The RAM® vehicle dock with GDS™ Technology is a spring loaded, quick release cradle that offers a secure fit with easy access to the mounted tablet. Available in both the Tab-Tite and Tab-Lock configurations, the vehicle dock for IntelliSkin® sleeves keeps your tablet charged and data synced while you’re on the go.

Power and charging accessories

USB GDS Technololgy wall charger. RAM Mounts GDS Technology six port charger
Making their official debut today is our full, official lineup of the various charging and hard wiring accessories. We now have available the following chargers and cables:

Having the ability to connect your device anywhere, any time, is part of the vision for GDS Technology. It is a new standard for power and data portability and these chargers provide the ability to hard wire connections into your vehicle or even fork lift or dock any device.

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