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Month: November 2015

November 20, 2015

The announcement has officially dropped. We finally get to dock this one. They had a protective case around it but now we can transfer the data. OK, our puns might not be innovative, but our products assuredly are. The Consumer Technology Association . . . Read More >

November 18, 2015

You may have noticed some changes around here. If you’re on a desktop or laptop, pick up your cell phone and head to If you’re already on your cell phone, welcome to a new experience. We’ve rebuilt our website from the . . . Read More >

November 11, 2015

The Samsung Tab S2 tablets make a great fit into your workspace. And now, RAM Mounts has a great fit for the Samsung Tab S2 in the 8″ and 9.7″ sizes. Starting now, you can order the Tab-Tite™ and Tab-Lock™ holders that fit both sizes  . . . Read More >

November 4, 2015

How do you take a ruggedized tablet and make it even stronger? You wrap it in a protective case meant to prolong the life of a device and attach it to a universal dock with data and power integrated into it. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active is engin . . . Read More >

November 3, 2015

Tough. Rugged. Durable. Certified. RAM Mounts IntelliSkins were recently certified as having passed the rigorous military spec tests for withstanding shock and impact. One of the best features of the IntelliSkin protective case is that it offers the  . . . Read More >