RAM Mounts for the VSN Mobil V.360° HD Camera
VSN Mobil V.360° HD Camera Mounts

VSN Mobil V.360° HD Camera Mounts

By RAM Mounts

August 12, 2015

Live through the Lens with RAM Mount

The VSN Mobil V.360° is one of the most exciting HD cameras with almost unlimited capabilities and applications. To enhance your video experience, RAM Mounts provides a versatile mounting platform that enables the capture of video, at the pristine time and at the best angles. With the RAM patented rubber ball and socket system, easily maneuver your V.360° in all directions, without obstruction of view. Constructed of the finest materials, the RAM design will dampen shock and vibration; thus ensuring your V.360° is mounted firmly, safely and solidly. When not in use, quickly release your V.360° for relocation or stowage. Backed with a lifetime warranty, RAM provides the only accessories necessary for your complete viewing enjoyment.
VSN Mobile V.360 Motorcycle Mount


  1. Patented rubber ball design dampens shock and vibration helping to extend the life of your camera.
  2. Multiple articulation and adjustment points.
  3. Quick release mechanism for relocation or stowage of camera.
  4. Diverse selection of mounts for water, road and air adventures.
  5. Lifetime warranty.
  6. Assembled in America
VSN Mobile V.360 Suction Cup Mount

RAM Camera Mount Rotates

Infinite Adjustment and Perfect Viewing Angles

RAM camera mounts are designed with a 1″ diameter patented rubber ball and socket system that has adjustment points at both ends of the double socket arm; allowing for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles.

Easy Attachment with the Universal Camera Adaptor

The universal camera adaptor, consists of a 1″ diameter rubber ball, connected to a round plate with 1/4″-20 camera thread. The male 1/4″-20 threaded steel stud will connect to female threaded hole found on the bottom of the V.360° camera. The round plate provides extra support and stability for the V.360° camera. The universal camera adaptor is compatible with all RAM “B” size arms and mounts.

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RAM Camera Ball attached to VNS Mobile V.360

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