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RAM® HandStand™ for IntelliSkin™ Cases

RAM® HandStand™ for IntelliSkin™ Cases

By RAM Mounts

August 27, 2015

RAM® HandStand™

Tablet Hand Strap and Kick Stand for IntelliSkin™ Cases

The RAM® HandStand™ Tablet Hand Strap and Kick Stand is specifically designed for the enterprise customer, while being an ideal solution for consumers alike. The RAM® HandStand™ expands the functionality of your IntelliSkin™ wrapped tablet offering a convenient hand strap and kick stand feature to your tablet. Swiftly convert the hand strap to a kick stand, and vice versa, while transitioning from desk to on foot.
The unique design integrates a comfortable hand strap which is compatible with a gloved hand and can be rotated 360 degrees to find the ideal viewing angle.
IntelliSkin™ Hand Strap In-Use
An integrated kick stand allows for positioning the tablet on a flat surface for on the go operation of your tablet. Quickly adjust the kick stand for perfect viewing angles, both for tablets in portrait and landscape modes.
IntelliSkin™ Kick stand In-Use
IntelliSkin™ Kick stand Portrait Mode

Shoulder Strap for IntelliSkin™ Cases

Comfortably carry your tablet with the RAM® Shoulder Strap for IntelliSkin™ cases. Designed to work on the left or right shoulder, the strap evenly distributes the weight of the device so you’ll feel less fatigue. Use the snap hooks to quickly attach the shoulder strap to various IntelliSkin™ products listed below.
IntelliSkin™ Shoulder Strap In-Use

Compatible IntelliSkin™ Cases

The following IntelliSkin™ products are compatible with the RAM® HandStand™ Tablet Hand Strap, Kick Stand and Shoulder Strap.


IntelliSkin™ with GDS™ Technology for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

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IntelliSkin™ with GDS™ Technology for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7

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  1. Hi,

    I met Jake Parker today at Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany, and he showed me some very interesting products. I would be very interested in the IntelliSkin for the Samsung Note 10.1 2014 edition. And it would be nice to have a removebale cover for the display as a protection.



    Ralf Nolte

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