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Adjustable GDS® Desktop Dock

Adjustable GDS® Desktop Dock

By RAM Mounts

July 14, 2015


The Adjustable GDS® Desktop Dock offers a single, low profile docking station that acts as a gateway from your device to anything that you want to connect. Compatible with any device wrapped in IntelliSkin™, the desktop dock is perfect for an office, warehouse, classroom, or other stationary location. It enables quick, easy access to charging and data, and is ideal for connecting virtually anything to your device, from a keyboard and mouse to an external speaker system. The Adjustable GDS® Desktop Dock uses a unique adjustment feature to accommodate a wide range of device thicknesses. Regardless whether a device has a case, skin, cover, or hand strap, RAM® created The Adjustable GDS® Desktop Dock to simplify technology and make it easy to use. Rather than dealing with several different types of cords and plugs, your device snaps easily into a single desktop dock, making power and data communication simple and cost effective.  Learn more about GDS® technology.

Compatible Devices:
Any GDS® compatible device, including devices wrapped with IntelliSkin™


  • The GDS® standard provides compatibility across multiple devices, making power and data communication simple and cost effective.
  • Any Device with a GDS® compatible skin, case or connector can dock in a GDS® Dock.
  • Adjustable back rest accommodates a wide range of devices, perfect for larger semi rugged tablets.
  • Includes a 1.2 M long Genuine GDS® USB 3.0 Cable

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