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GDS™ 6 Gang Charger

GDS™ 6 Gang Charger

By RAM Mounts

February 19, 2015

GDS™ 6 Gang Charger


The 6 Gang GDS™ Desktop Charger offers simultaneous charging of multiple devices, without the need to separately plug in each device charger. This desktop solution is perfect for large offices, conference rooms, vehicle fleets, and other applications requiring mass charging of multiple devices. The 6 Gang GDS™ Desktop Charger supports multiple devices (Tablets, Smartphones, and Phablets) equipped with an IntelliSkin™ sleeve, and provides an extra portal to connectivity and efficiency. Connect your device with IntelliSkin™ or any GDS™ enabled product to the 6 Gang GDS™ Desktop Charger for quick access to charging and data connectivity.

Compatible devices


  • Simultaneously charge multiple devices without the need to separately plug in each device
  • Offers simultaneous charging of multiple devices in a wide variety of settings and applications
  • Low profile, saves valuable space
  • Charges any device with GDS™ Technology including all IntelliSkin™ enable products
  • Protects the charging connector on your device from damage due to repetitive plugging and unplugging
  • Multiple USB (micro 2.0) on rear of dock can be connected to device charging source or a computer for sync
  • Wire retention and cable management feature to organize and protect USB connections
  • Quick, one handed removal and insertion of devices

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