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Whether you are playing music, speaking or capturing video, RAM Mounts® helps you mount phones and tablets for convenient use and visibility.

Perhaps you need to view your metronome app from your drum kit, mount a GoPro® on your guitar or mount a tablet on a speaking podium. RAM offers a wide variety of options to help you mount your device in a variety of locations with limitless positioning and adjustment angles.

RAM’s proprietary ball-and-socket design allows you to reconfigure your mount in many different ways with interchangeable components and cradles. At one moment you may need the tablet mount and the next, a GoPro mount or drum stick holder. The possibilities are endless.

Mic Stand Mounts

Use the RAM U-Bolt Mount to clamp your tablet or phone to microphone stands, drum hardware, music stands and much more. Position your device so it’s accessible, but still out of your way.

DJ Table Mounts

As a disk jockey, table space can be very limited. RAM provides tablet mounting options with a variety of attachment methods specific to your application. Utilizing the ball-and-socket design, easily adjust and tighten the mount to the perfect position without skipping a beat.

GoPro Mounts

Mount your GoPro camera to your guitar, turntables, drums, keyboard or other instruments to capture your performance up-close. RAM Mounts offers the strongest and most robust GoPro mounts available in the industry to ensure your camera is stable and footage is vibration-free.

Photo & Video

Ensure the perfect picture every time using your tablet and RAM Mounts. Mount your tablet to a camera stand or tripod for convenient image viewing. You can also mount your phone or tablet to your DSLR rig mount for easy access and monitoring during filming.

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