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Patents and Trademarks

RAM® products are covered under one or more of the following patents, with numerous patents pending:

RAM® X-Grip®

US D696,671 S
US 8,622,359 B2
US 8,544,161 B2
US D703,657 S

GDS® IntelliSkin®

US 9,331,444 B2
US 2017/0098916 A1
US 9,954,330 B2
US D682,278 S
US D798,867 S
US 9,632,535 B2
US D682,278 S
US 9,529,387 B2
US 2017/0227987 A1
US 9,706,026 B2
US 9,195,279 B2
WO 2018/005345 A1


US 5,746,147 A
US 5,845,885 A
US 6,561,476 B2
US 6,581,892 B2
US 6,585,212 B2
US 6,666,420 B1
US 6,840,487 B2
US 6,902,089 B2
US 7,017,243 B2
US 7,025,315 B2
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US 7,090,181 B2
US 7,273,203 B2
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US D824,750 S
US 10,050,658 B2


RAM Mount Logo

The distinctive "D" product shape of the GDS® connector is a trademark of National Products Inc.

RAM® double socket arms with their distinctive Hourglass Shape are recognized globally as a symbol of the reliability, quality and durability of this line of products. The Hourglass Shape is a registered trademark of National Products Inc.

The distinctive RAM® X-Grip® product shape is a trademark of National Products Inc.

"D" product shape, "Hourglass" product shape, 3-D Float, Adapt-A-Post, Adapt-To-RAM, Add-A-Ball, Adjust-A-Pole, Always Protected. Always Connected., Aqua Box, Aqua-Box, Bond-A-Base, D Shape, Dock-N-Lock, Drop-N-Lock, EZ-On/Off, EZ-Roll'r, EZ-Strap, EZY-Mount, Finger-Grip, Flex-Arm, Flex-Base, Flex-Lens, Flex-Rod, GDS, GDS Case, GDS Compatible, GDS Cradle, GDS Cup, GDS Dock, GDS Green, GDS Skin, GDS Sleeve, GDS Tech, GDS Technology, Go-Dock, Hand-Track, HandStand, Handi-Case, IntelliSkin, IntelliSkin Compatible, Just RAM It!, Latch-N-Lock, Level Cup, Level-Base, Light-Speed, Lil Buddy, MDT-Mate, Mari-Nut, Mari-Rivet, Mighty-Buddy, Mirror-Mate, Multi-Pad, No-Drill, Power Caddy, Power Plate, Power-Grip, Press-N-Lock, Quick Snap, Quick-Draw, Quick-Grip, RAM, RAM "X-Grip" product shape, RAM Bow-Cam, RAM Compatible, RAM Mount, RAM Mounting Systems, RAM Mounts, RAM Pin-Lock, RAM Pod, RAM Pod HD, RAM ROD, RAM Ratchet, RAM Ratchet Arm, RAM Ratchet Swing Arm, RAM Tube, RAM Tube Jr, RAM X-Grip, RAM-A-CAN, RAM-A-SNACK, Remove-A-Pole, Roller-Ball, Roto-View, Round-A-Mount, Safe-N-Secure, Safe-T-Charge, Seat Mate, Seat-Mate, Secure-N-Motion, Shock Buster, Slide Dock, Slide-N-Lock, Snap-Con, Snap-Link, Stack-N-Stow, Stubby, Tab-Lock, Tab-Tite, Team RAM, Tele-Mount, Tele-Pole, Tilt-N-Turn, Torque, Torque-Track, Tough-Ball, Tough-Box, Tough-Clamp, Tough-Claw, Tough-Cleat, Tough-Clip, Tough-Dock, Tough-Hub, Tough-Pole, Tough-Tap, Tough-Track, Tough-Tray, Tough-Tube, Tough-Wedge, Track Ball, Track-Node, Twist-Lock, Twist-N-Tilt, Twist-N-Turn, Uni-Conn, Wedge-Lock, Your Best Connection, are either registered trademarks or trademarks of National Products Inc. in the United States and or other countries.

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