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Jeff Carnevali
President and CEO

Jeffrey Carnevali is the President & CEO of National Products Inc. (NPI) and inventor, designer of the RAM Mount line of mounting products.

In 1992, Jeff founded NPI. From his basement shop, he designed, tooled and produced the first product, a propeller puller for the marine industry. The first version of the RAM Mount followed a short time later. From that point on, he has continued the relentless quest to invent, design, tool and manufacture a growing line of mounting systems to meet the needs of widely varying industries. Jeff’s hands-on knowledge of manufacturing processes, innate business acumen and genuine entrepreneurial spirit proved an effective platform for building a successful product and brand.

Prior to forming NPI, Jeff was a skilled wood and metal patternmaker. In the early 1980’s he supervised a large, prestigious tooling shop in the Seattle area. Over the years he added many courses that he utilized to continually refine his designing and manufacturing. They included CAD, CAM, mathematics, economics, architectural drafting, engineering, machining, sheet metal practices, injection molding, die casting and other types of manufacturing processes.

Mr. Carnevali, as an inventor, to date, has been awarded 138 patents with more than 30 pending from the US Patent & Trademark Office and has pioneered methods for manufacturing products. NPI products are playing important roles in such diverse settings as the armed services, police and fire departments, the airline and trucking industries, the NASA Space Station, agriculture, car fleets, electronics, the film industry, medical services and sports areas such as fishing and cycling.

Beyond his daily duties at NPI, Jeff is an accomplished pilot and holds a current Private Pilot Certificate.

Chad Remmers

A Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Washington University in Business Administration with a Management Concentration laid the foundation for Chad’s role at NPI. Since 1997, Chad has worked in every department at NPI, prior to his current role as Chief Operating Officer. Having spent almost equal time in the production/manufacturing divisions as in sales/marketing roles has given him the ability to balance the efficiency needs of the company with the flexibility of outstanding customer service.

As a result of his in depth knowledge of all facets of NPI, most internal IT projects are spearheaded by Chad. Working internally with all department heads, and externally with both vendors and customers, provides him with both a challenging and rewarding work experience.

Michael Turner

Michael Turner joined National Products Inc. in 2005 as Corporate Controller. Over the last 8 years, Michael has been assigned with implementing financial systems that support the growth of NPI, working with department heads to produce effective reporting in the areas of inventory management, cash management and sales growth. Michael works with the customer service team as a leader and mentor, ensuring the corporate focus on excellent customer service is implemented in daily interactions with customers.

Michael holds a certificate degree in Management Accounting and Finance from Skagit Valley College. Prior to Michael’s time with NPI he held similar positions in several different industries, including Retail, Marine, Software Development, Financial Services and Publishing.

Dave Johnson
Director of Human Resources

Dave Johnson joined National Products Inc. in 2014, developing the foundation and processes for the NPI HR function. With an HR focus to hire and inspire great employees, Dave uses his strengths of leadership, employee relations and communications to strategically partner with managers and employees to enhance the entire employment process.

Professional experience includes Director and Executive Director roles in health care, IT, education, and service companies throughout the NW. Dave holds a Master’s in HR Development from Seattle University, a Bachelor’s and teaching certification from Seattle Pacific University, and a professional HR certification.

Outside of work Dave has coached five sports and has been a professional ski instructor. He has also served on the Board of Directors for multiple non-profits and on local Chamber of Commerce committees. Dave combines his vast experience in HR, education and public relations to create the optimal service environment for employees.

Aaron Hersey
VP of Marketing

Aaron Hersey joined National Products Inc. in 2007 as an account manager focusing on sales. Through his career with NPI Aaron has been involved in a variety of functions including sales, marketing, advertising, business development, customer service and product development. Currently Aaron’s role as VP of Marketing involves a wide range of responsibilities including the outward messaging of NPI’s various brands across all market verticals, guiding the marketing team towards effective communication through web/print/social/event mediums, advising the CEO with new market opportunities and providing insight on market competition as well as forging meaningful partnerships that represent high value to the organization. In addition, Aaron works with the sales leadership team to align efforts across the entire business, assuring all efforts directly align with the organization’s growth goals.

Prior to Aaron’s time with NPI he held a marketing role with Red Bull North America focusing on Collegiate Event Marketing. Aaron holds a BA in Economics with a minor in Business Management from the University of Washington.

Mike Glenn
Director of Information Technologies

Mike Glenn joined National Products full time in 2012 to continue to evolve the web operations of RAM Mounts. Mike has more than 20 years of networking and software development experience, including having built the first Internet service provider ever for his Pennsylvania home town. Mike has written custom ERP, ecommerce and management software for multiple manufacturing companies and managed the growth of a dynamic team.

Mike works to have his team of developers and engineers focused on collaboration and excellence through mutual respect, teamwork, and empathy, which aligns with RAM Mounts continued growth and evolution as an ecommerce company.

Jacob Parker
Director of Business Development

Jake comes to RAM with a BS in Biology from the University of Washington with a focus in Economics. Joining the sales team in its early stages in 2008, Jake has worn many hats including vertical industry strategy, project management, collateral development, and trade show execution.

In his current role as Director of Business Development, Jake is responsible for developing and implementing the company’s sales strategy. In this role, Jake supports the sales organization by developing strategies around a variety of industry verticals and sales channels. The role pairs Jake’s extensive product knowledge with his dedication to building the awareness and adoption of RAM Mounts globally. A native of Seattle, Jake spends his weekends enjoying the outdoors with his family.

Kyle M. Lonzak
Sales Manager

Kyle M. Lonzak joined the National Products Inc. Sales and Marketing Team in 2010. Through his career with NPI, Kyle has been involved in a variety of functions including sales and marketing efforts focusing on the public safety sector, business development, customer service, product development and personnel training. Currently Kyle’s role as Sales Manager involves a wide range of responsibilities including the recruiting of new sales talent, solution development, new hire training, partner training, trade show planning and support as well as assisting in the design and implementation of RAM’s MAP policy.

Before Kyle’s time with NPI he obtained many skills from a variety of roles including an apprenticeship as a High Voltage Lineman with Tacoma Power, Managing a crew of 12 for exterior home maintenance and delivering commercial plumbing supplies to the South Puget Sound for Ferguson Enterprises.

Outside of work Kyle is a board member of his neighborhood community and enjoys many different activities with his family including boating on Lake Washington and 4-wheeling by Mt. Rainier.

David Wilkinson
Director of Facilities

David Wilkinson joined National Products Inc. in 2000 as an assembly worker. Through his career with NPI David has been involved in a wide range of functions including assembly, packaging, shipping, receiving, marketing, design assistant, rapid prototyping, technical support, HR, powder coating, aluminum die casting, production, and facility management. Currently David’s role as Facilities Manager involves a variety of responsibilities including overseeing production and operations at multiple shops and helping to facilitate company growth and expansion with regard to buildings and equipment.

Prior to David’s time with NPI he held positions in construction and commercial fishing in Alaska. David holds a BS in Environmental Sciences from the University of Portland.

Jack Kropp
Materials Manager

Jack joined the NPI team in 2004 to assist with the implementation of a modernized ERP system. Jack brings 35 years of management experience in operations, production, inventory control, master scheduling, and production control.

Jack’s previous experience includes working with multiple organizations spanning a variety of industries across the US and Canada as an independent consultant in MRP, shop scheduling and inventory control processes.

Cliff Lucas
Plastics Manager

Cliff Lucas joined National Products in 2004. Through his career with NPI Cliff has been a part of many departments including plastic injection, shock and vibration testing, rubber injection and machining. Currently Cliff’s role as the Plastics Manager involves overseeing quality, efficiency, and maintenance of all plastic and rubber production, shock and vibration confidence testing, and CNC machining operation.

Prior to Cliff’s time with NPI he worked in a variety of manufacturing roles including glue manufacturing, liquid special effects for the film industry, Sonicare tooth brush factory, and smart building low voltage control systems installation. Cliff graduated Issaquah High school with a focus in Industrial Technology.

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