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Garmin 60CSx Mounted onto a Can-Am Spyder

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Review by Kathleen Redmond

RAM Mount shown in this review:
Rail Mount RAM-B-149Z-GA12U

I bought a Garmin 60CSx then purchased a Ram-mount for my Can-Am spyder. The whole reason for the purchase was for the multiple uses and functions that the 60CSx offers not to mention the water resistant case. My primary reason for purchasing this unit was to mount on my Spyder, I did some research and found the Ram-mount was highly recommended so I purchased it and have now used it on several long distance road trips. I live in the Seattle area so have been traveling lots of back roads, industrial roads, and up and down I-5, these are very rough surface roads. I have been pleasantly surprised at the stability in this mount. No problems what so ever with vibration or hardware coming loose, if you are looking for a lightweight yet rugged and very secure mount for the garmin 60CSx I would highly recommend this Ram-mount. I have no fear of losing my Garmin, this mount gives me the peace of mind I was looking for in a mount, I would not hesitate to purchase it again!

Spyder Mount1

Spyder Mount2

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