Made in USA

Professional Mount System for the GoPro

Images and review courtesy of Christoph Graser.

RAM Mounts shown:
(1" Ball with 1/4"-20 Threaded Post) RAM-B-237U
(Short Double Socket Arm) RAM-B-201U-A
(Large Strap Clamp Base) RAM-B-231Z-2U
(Removable Clamp Base) RAM-B-121BU


For two years I am now the proud owner of a GoPro Hero HD. In my opinion, a revolution in the video market. In contrast to the small camcorder and waterproof GoPro stuff now and can be attached almost anywhere. For me it was mainly in the extreme sport situations in mountain biking, climbing, snowboarding and whitewater (Canoeing), used. And the more than successful. I was immediately convinced of the quality of both the images and the processing. By GoPro, there are a variety of mounting systems, but I have not convinced everyone. For semi-professional use all solutions are useless. I was absolutely thrilled with the Chesty, chest strap. Mountain biking, I use it very much - the camera is positioned on the chest level with a view to the front. So you filmed the perfect route, but also his arms and handlebars. As reference points on the image The Vented Helmet Strep also keeps very well. On car and other smooth surfaces, like my snowboard, stay put without the suction cup from GoPro.

However, I am more than disappointed by the GoPro pipe mount for bicycles. This makes an absolutely unstable impression of what has unfortunately proved too. The whole thing wobbles and can not be securely. Rotated footage is so shaky that you can not really use it. For a long time I was looking for a viable solution to the GoPro to attach to the bike, as the down tube, the fork and / or at the dropouts. In addition to many solutions in various forums I have built many things himself, but was never really convinced.

By chance I came across the fastening system of the American company Ram Mount. In America, the company is better known than in Germany, with us you will find the parts rarely in online stores, often in aviation. Shortly before my vacation I ordered a selection of different parts, which also were not all delivered on time. In short order, I was immediately impressed and convinced to have found a solution.

The whole thing is built like a kit, all the parts can be combined with each other and thus develop individual solutions. In addition to a holder with a clamp, I also have selected a type clamp. The holders always have a large rubber ball, in addition to the GoPro with the tripod adapter is also such a ball. The balls are solid, but according to the manufacturer absorb vibration. The balls can be connected over various elements. The spheres have the advantage that the camera can be positioned relative to the bracket in any conceivable position.

Venosta, the absolute paradise for mountain biking, the system was then tested extensively and my first impression was confirmed. Together with the GoPro it is my absolute dream system for films of extreme situations and unusual angles. The evaluation of the Footages I brought a broad grin across his face - wonderful. Now provides the only route for a "bang" in the image. The mounts are on the tour quickly rebuilt so that can always find other, interesting angles.

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