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iPad Install in FJ Cruiser

  Images and review courtesy of Jordan.

RAM Mounts Shown:


Considering how religiously I use my iPad, I figured why not also use it in the truck! For navigation purposes that is. The iPad is a seriously cool device that has changed how I read information on the internet. Spending a couple hours searching off road forums made it easy figuring out how to mount and use my iPad for off road navigation.

After removing the dash panel I cut a small square hole in the dash to allow my fingers to secure the nuts & bolts for the diamond ball head Ram mount. This is a little more crude than my normal installs as I could not find a step drill. This hole was cut with a box knife. I cleaned up the edges before reassembly.

That's pretty much all there is to it. After putting everything back together I fired up the iPad and took a drive. I already had local maps downloaded and the device was working perfectly. It will also be handy to have some movies and my music library on the road.

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