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Flight Testing the iPad mini

Images and review courtesy of iPad Pilot News.

RAM Mounts shown:
(Tab-Tite™ Holder) RAM-HOL-TAB2U
(Double Socket Arm) RAM-B-201U
(Yoke Clamp Clamp Base) RAM-B-121BU


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We’ve found the RAM mounting system to be the best due to its modular construction and flexibility with positioning. For the iPad Mini you’ll want to start with the 7" Tablet Cradle, which perfectly holds the device. Next choose one of RAM’s 4 mounting options: yoke mount, suction mount, glareshield mount or Beech yoke mount. With the iPad Mini’s smaller size and weight, the yoke mount becomes a much more practical option. It easily mounted on both a Cessna 172 and Piper Warrior yoke during our tests, and worked well in both portrait and landscape orientations. It also does not block the view of the gauges and switches as much when compared to the original iPad.

We next tried out the glareshield mount in a Cessna 172, and found this to be much more useful than with the larger iPad. In the past we found the glareshield mount difficult for most to use since it blocked important gauges and instruments on the right side of the panel. This is no longer an issue with the iPad Mini; mounting it on the right side of the panel did not block anything from view, though it may be a little further away than some may prefer.

The suction mount works well when fixed to the front window, allowing the iPad to barely hang over the glareshield in the right center section of the panel. We also were able to secure the iPad Mini with the suction mount in the front left window of a Piper Warrior, a spot that was previously too small to mount the larger iPad. This keeps it in close proximity but does not block the view too much out that front side window.

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