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The RAM Stubby™ is a clean, low-profile mounting option for wedging into virtually any cup holder. The sleek composite shell construction and flexible support fins can be trimmed to size, offering a stable yet temporary mounting platform for any phone, small tablet or other handheld device.

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stubby aniamation


- Low Profile

- Clean and Sleek Design

- Temporary yet Stable Mounting Platform

- Fits any cup holder with an inside diameter range of 2.57" to 3.5"

- Compatible with any B-Size 1" Ball Components

- Lifetime Warranty!

- Made in U.S.A.

Stubby™ vs RAM-A-CAN II™ Height Comparison

stubby comparison

Tablet Mounts

The RAM X-Grip® is the most universal tablet holder to pair with your Stubby™ to create the perfect temporary yet secure mounting platform for your vehicle. You can also integrate the Form-Fit style as well as the Tab-Tite™ Series by building your own custom tablet mount. Ideal for any small or light-duty tablets.

RAM Stubby™ Cup Holder Mount with Universal X-Grip® Small Tablet Holder