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RAM®Mounts for Harris

Harris RF-3590 Ruggedized Tablet Docking Station

The Harris RF-3590 Tablet lets you access a wideband network and share real-time information when and where you need to. User friendly and highly portable, this 7” Android tablet features a host of capabilities providing unprecedented access to a variety of applications and mission-critical information.

The RAM® Docking Station for the Harris RF-3590 is the perfect complementary solution, enabling even further versatility in vehicle mounted scenarios. Whether you are mounting the RF-3590 in wheeled or tracked vehicles such as MRAP, HMMWV, APC, Land Rover, Jeep or other military vehicles and aircraft, RAM® offers a variety of mounting solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations for safety, versatility, quality and reliability.

Ordering Information:
The Harris RF-3590 Ruggedized Tablet and Dock are sold exclusively through Harris.
World’s First Composite IP65 Rated Tablet Docking Station: Tested to the Highest Standards

The RAM® Docking Station for the Harris RF-3590 has been tested to the most rigorous standards to perform flawlessly in the most demanding Military and Public Safety environments. Rigorous Mechanical and Environmental testing has been completed to ensure unparalleled performance and durability in the most intense use cases.

Tested to MIL-STD-810G:
  • Vibration: Tested to 514.6 for Composite Wheeled Vehicles, Composite Two-Wheeled Trailer and Tracked Vehicles.
  • Humidity: Tested to 507.5, Procedure II for resistance to ambient air conditions characterized by high relative humidity.
  • Crash Hazard and Shock: Tested to 516.6, procedure V with a nominal peak acceleration of 75 g’s
  • IP65: Tested to 506.5, procedure I for protection against water ingress from water jet spray at any angle. Tested to 510.5, Procedure I and II for resistance to sand and dust ingress.
  • Salt Fog: Tested to 509.5 for salt fog protection with no corrosion.
  • Icing/Freezing: Tested to 521.3 for no degradation of performance during icing and freezing.
Port Replication:
  • (1) Threaded DC Power Input with ground and ignition sense. Operates with a nominal input range of 9.6-33VDC
  • (1) USB Type A Connector
  • (1) RS-232 DB9 Serial Connector (9-pin)
  • (1) Ethernet RJ45 Connector
  • (1) 3.5mm Stereo Audio Connector

Additional Features
  • 3D Float System docking connector technology provides constant positive contact force between the docking connector and tablet ensuring connectivity in high shock and vibration situations.
  • Keyed lock for theft deterrence
  • Manufactured from fiber reinforced Polycarbonate for strength and rigidity
  • Weight of 2.5 pounds without tablet
  • Ergonomic insertion/release mechanism for safe and reliable removal and insertion of the mounted tablet.
Heavy Duty Mounting Solutions

RAM® manufactures the largest selection of rugged and robust mounting solutions for any application. The large selection of mounting components, paired with patented technologies designed specifically for extreme mounting environments ensures every customer will have several options which suit their application flawlessly. For Military tracked and wheeled ground combat vehicles, Military aircraft and more, RAM® is certain to have the ideal solution for your configuration.