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Weatherproof Handheld Device Protection

The RAM AQUA BOX® product line has been keeping smartphones and electronic devices safe for years. With the introduction of the AQUA BOX® Pro series, you'll have access to the side buttons and full use of the touchscreen. The unique patented weatherproof design makes side button access a breeze so that you don't have to worry about exposure to the elements. If you're the adventurous type that can be a little rough on things, don't worry! Our PVC vinyl screen is replaceable should you lose that crystal clear appearance. Think an enclosure will slow you down? Think again! The AQUA BOX® allows you to send text messages, listen to music, take photos, capture video or make calls, all while protecting your device. Older AQUA BOX's® include a small lock hole to serve as a theft deterrent. With all options available for small to large smartphones, "RAM has you covered" for all your outdoor adventures.

Patented & Patents Pending


AQUA BOX® AQUA BOX® Pro 20 AQUA BOX® Pro 20 i5 AQUA BOX® Pro 10 Small AQUA BOX® Medium AQUA BOX® Medium/Wide AQUA BOX® Large AQUA BOX® Popular Mounting Kits
RAM AQUA BOX® mounts are simple to use and install, kits are available for cars, boats, motorcycles, airplanes and more. These durable and sleek looking mounts are universal in application, built in AMERICA, and are backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

  1. Weather resistant/splash proof
  2. Floats to prevent accidental loss of device
  3. Features a storage area which provides buoyancy and is perfectly sized for a driver's license or credit card
  4. Unique patented design allows access to all side buttons on the phone while in case
  1. Easy to pocket or carry along on your next adventure
  2. Text, take photos/video, make/take calls
  3. A thin, optically clear membrane provides the best tactile screen operation and viewing
  4. Quick-release clip snaps behind the AQUA BOX®, and adapts to any RAM compatible mounting system
AQUA BOX® Pro 10
Internal Case Dimensions:
Width=2.46", Height=4.58", Depth=0.47"

Compatible with iPhone 1st, 3rd and 4th Generation

AQUA BOX®Pro 20 i5
Internal Case Dimensions:
Width=2.33", Height=4.9", Depth=0.35"

Compatible with iPhone 5, 5s and 5c without a protective case

AQUA BOX® Pro 20
Internal Case Dimensions:
Width=2.8", Height=5.38", Depth=0.55"

  1. Compatible with iPhone 1st, 3rd and 4th Generation with or without a protective case
  2. Compatible with iPhone 5 with protective case
  3. Works with most Android, Windows and Blackberry Smartphones within the internal case dimensions

  1. A unique, patented all inclusive seal and Flex-Lens
  2. Touch through lens to operate buttons
  3. Power, earphone and accessory cables are routed through a patented, self draining baffle design to keep moisture out
  1. Fits any RAM Mounting System for use on Planes, Motorcycles, Boats, ATVs, Bikes, etc
  2. Flex-Lens may be replaced in seconds if scratched or damaged
  3. AQUA BOX® easily locks with any standard mini padlock
Internal Case Dimensions:
Width=2.46", Height=4.58", Depth=0.47"

Compatible with most small phones & MP3 players

Medium AQUA BOX®
Internal Case Dimensions:
Width=2.88", Height=5.75", Depth=1.188"

Compatible with most small to medium phones

Medium/Wide AQUA BOX®
Internal Case Dimensions:
Width=6", Height=4", Depth=1.75"

Compatible with large phones & GPS devices

Internal Case Dimensions:
Width=3.5", Height=8.43", Depth=2.25"

Can hold multiple MP3, phone & GPS devices

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