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RAM® is setting a new standard in tablet and smartphone docking, mounting and protection.

Learn which IntelliSkin™ is right for you:

​IntelliSkin™ features an integrated charging connector that is molded into the case. This prevents damage to the connector on your device from repetitious docking and un-docking. On the exterior of the skin are molded ruggedized contacts that make docking and charging a snap with any compatible GDS® docking station or cable.

​IntelliSkin™ ruggedizes popular consumer devices for commercial use. The hard, rubberized skin provides drop protection to your device while sheltering from dirt and scratches. This is especially important in heavy use environments where devices are used to conduct equipment inspections, complete drivers hours-of-service reports or process shipments.

GDS® is a new standard that creates a uniform platform for making a power and data connection between any electronic device and dock. Any device enclosed within an IntelliSkin™ case is compatible with GDS® Technology. This provides scalability as devices evolve and enables users to minimize cost by leveraging their docking stations for multiple devices.

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