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RAM Tough-Box™ Angled Console with Ford Crown Victoria Back Fairing and No Female Tele-Pole™ Bases

The RAM angled multi-length console provides multiple length choices using just one console model. To make the appropriate length console use a hack saw and cut the plastic rails prior to assembly. This special design does not require any special tools. A vast number of applications can be fitted with a single console solution. Never before have installers been afforded this level of freedom or a solution as simple and innovative. Efficiency being the driving force behind this product, money will be saved in installation time, servicing of electronics mounted in the console, and on fuel given the strong yet lightweight design.

Compatible 2" Faceplates

Compatible 3" Faceplates

Compatible 4" Faceplates

Compatible Top Plates

RAM Tough-Box™ Console 23" Top Plate
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RAM Tough-Box™ Console 29" Top Plate
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Specs & Features

This angled console box is compatible for the following vehicles:

This angled console box contains two female tele-poles™ that are mounted flush to the box, allowing for attachment of upper tele-poles™, swing arms and laptop/tablet/netbook holders.

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17.0 lbs.