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RAM Transducer Arm Mount with 18" Rigid Aluminum Rod and Quick Release Track Ball™ Base for the Lowrance StructureScan LSS-2/LSS-1

Kayak fishing is all about adaptability. RAM Mount offers the widest selection of kayak fishing accessories to adapt to a wide range of fishing scenarios. This transducer mount enables quick, effective deployment and retrieval of your Lowrance StructureScan LSS transducer, while protecting it from damage. Perfect for kayak applications, the included rigid mounting arm can quickly be retrieved if you enter shallow water or when beaching your kayak. With little effort, the transducer mount can quickly be moved to a different kayak with an existing 1" RAM ball. Add a RAM ball mount for the Lowrance HDS-7 Fishfinder, and you have a complete mounting solution for your next fishing adventure.

Compatible Transducers:
Lowrance StructureScan LSS-2
Lowrance StructureScan LSS-1

Warning: Not recommended for top loading gear tracks.

Extruded Aluminum Tough-Track™

3" Extruded Aluminum Tough-Track™
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5" Extruded Aluminum Tough-Track™
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9" Extruded Aluminum Tough-Track™
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13" Extruded Aluminum Tough-Track™
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17" Extruded Aluminum Tough-Track™
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Composite Tough-Track™

RAM Tough-Track™
Overall Length: 7"
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RAM Tough-Track™
Overall Length: 10.75"
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RAM Tough-Track™
Overall Length: 14.5"
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RAM Tough-Track™
Overall Length: 18.5"
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Specs & Features

Track Dimensional Range:
.250" MIN. - .562" MAX.

1. 18" rigid aluminum rod can be bent to position your transducer to its optimum location
2. Patented socket technology allows for quick raising, lowering, removal and stowage of transducer arm
3. High quality materials prevent corrosion
4. Easily relocate adapter along track, can be installed at any point on the track
5. Base matches the industry standard AMPs hole pattern
6. Lifetime warranty
7. Made in U.S.A.

High Strength Composite and Aluminum Steel

Ball Size:
1" Rubber Ball "B" Size

Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display. Transducer device not included with purchase.

2.98 lbs.

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