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RAM manufactures rugged mounting solutions for computers, electronics and other products used on fork lifts.

A key benefit that RAM Mounts includes is inherent shock absorption which further protects the electronic devices for improved reliability. The rubber ball supports devices of all sizes and prevents slipping in extreme vibration environments. Lifetime Warranty, and Made in the USA.

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Computers & Electronics

Mounting Solutions

RAM Mounting Systems are the perfect choice for securing many items onto fork lifts. The unique ability of RAM to absorb damaging shock and vibration plus it's fully adjustable positioning features can't be matched by any other mounting method. There are non-destructive RAM mounting bases that will quickly attach and fit every fork lift cage made.

All RAM mounts and accessories come standard with a double ball and socket system. They are designed to withstand more than 50 G's of shock and will hold many devices, rock solid, even under the harshest environments. The patented rubber ball and socket design will protect items from damage due to vibration. Convenience and quality without a big dollar expense is what RAM brings along with lifetime warranties, device protection and perfect viewing angles.

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iPad & Tablet Mounting Solutions

Mounting Solutions

RAM now offers many tablet mounting options applicable for fork lifts as well. With tab mounted solutions that suit a wide variety of applications, you can be assured RAM has what you need with many custom tablet holders and mounting kits available now, and more on the way, RAM is ready to supply you with ultimate vehicle Tablet PC accessories. Options also include docking and locking capabilities.

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iPhone & Phone

Mounting Solutions

RAM offers the highest quality mounting solutions for all smartphones. Simple to adjust and extremely secure solutions are available and applicable for fork lifts. Our durable and innovative mounts are universal, Made in America, and backed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If it is not in your pocket, it should be in a RAM Mount.

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Mounting Solutions

RAM Printer Mounts are the perfect rugged solution for mounting printers on to fork lifts. Our form fitting designs have no sharp edges and adds little to the overall size of the printer. Complete kits are available as stand alone systems or integrate one with your existing RAM products.

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RAM Mobile Handheld PC

Mounting Solutions

RAM offers mounting solutions that are the perfect complement to any Mobile Handheld PC used on a forklift. RAM Mounting Systems offer unmatched versatility and durability. A patented rubber ball and socket designs allow the user to personalize the mount for ease of use and ergonomics. With innovative universal fit and custom fit designs, RAM is your best connection when it comes to mounting your Mobile Handheld PC.

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Universal Scanner Gun Holder

The Power-Grip™ Universal Scanner Gun Holder is compatible with a wide range of ruggedized 2D barcode scanners and is compatible with RAM's full range of forklift mounting systems. Using a variety of high strength, and quality materials, the Power-Grip™ securely grips your 2D barcode scanner while not in use. Easily remove your 2D barcode scanner to quickly scan the desired item. The unique open bottom design enables scanning while in the holder. Replaceable elastomeric fins grip the handle of the scanner tight to ensure the most secure fit. Made in the USA and backed with RAM's renowned LIFETIME WARRANTY, the Power-Grip™ Universal Scanner Gun Holder is an essential accessory for your 2D barcode scanner.

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Drink Cup Holder

Self Leveling Mount

The RAM Self Leveling Drink Cup Holder is favorite world wide and is the perfect accessory for any vehicle including fork lifts. Easily installed and positions to keep your hydration beverage within reach; includes a RAM can insulator.

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RAM Multi-Pad™ Organizer

with Mounting Options

The RAM Multi-Pad™ is the perfect product to keep your busy life organized. Easily mounted in a variety of locations, the RAM Multi-Pad ™ has many features you’d expect, but others that may surprise you. With several mounting points and integrated magnets for holding your ferrous metal pen securely without the need for clips, the RAM Multi-Pad™ is ready to get to work for you.

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RAM Handi-Case

with Mounting Options

The RAM Handi-Case™ is capable of doing many tasks beyond just a writing surface. Enjoy the many features such as document storage, mouse pad, tool holder, pen and pencil storage, and of course, RAM's rugged construction. No matter where the job takes you, the RAM Handi-Case™ is ready to multi task. For any professional on the go this is the tool to keep you organized at home, at the office, in the warehouse or on the go.

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