Laptop Mounts

RAM® vehicle laptop mounts are the number one choice for strength and safety – securing laptops in cars, trucks, vans and fleet vehicles. With the unique and patented ability to absorb damaging shock and vibration, RAM laptop car mounts keep your device steady and safe.

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Vehicle-Specific Mounts

One of the hallmarks of RAM® Mounts is the extensive variety of vehicle-specific No-Drill™ Laptop Mounting Systems. RAM® offers hundreds of different vehicle bases that are designed to conform to your vehicle interior, and constructed from high quality steel. Installation is a breeze with the use of your existing passenger side seat bolts, and several adjustment points throughout the mount so you can configure your laptop in the most convenient position for you. Simply input the vehicle's year, make and model and you'll find your RAM® Mount
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Universal Mounts

No matter what vehicle or application you wish to mount your laptop, RAM® offers several different designs of universal mounting capabilities, so you can mount your laptop virtually anywhere. The RAM Pod™ III consists of three rigid flexible legs for adapting to any unique floorboard configuration. For the original Tele-Pole™ and Swing Arm design found in the vehicle-specific mounts, RAM® offers both drill down and No-Drill™ options, both for horizontal and vertical mounting surfaces.
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From locking kits to adjustable knobs, screen supports to cell phone mounts, the RAM® Tough-Tray™ integrates several connection points for mounting a wide range of accessories, allowing you to customize your laptop mounting system to your exact preferences. Whether you are looking for added security or stability, or you simply want to position your phone or a notepad right next to your laptop, there is no limit to the mounting capabilities RAM® has to offer.
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Build your own custom kit by browsing hundreds of interchangeable components. Various lengths of Tele-Pole™ components, optional risers and extension swing arms allow you to customize your mount to a whole new level that no other mounting provider could ever hope to achieve. No matter what type of solution you are looking for, RAM® will always follow through with the most reliable, durable and convenient vehicle mounting solution on the market.
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RAM® Seat-Mate™

Compact, portable, amazingly strong and no tools required are words that best describe the RAM® Seat-Mate™. Capable of transforming most any passenger seat into a workstation, simply unpack the mount from the compact bag, unfold the legs, and buckle it in. Truly innovative in design, this product will actively hold onto the seat and stabilize itself. For anyone who needs a temporary mobile workstation, this mounting solution is absolutely perfect.
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