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Take your phone almost anywhere with RAM Mounts. RAM has a wide selection of attachment bases to attach your iPhone to your car, boat, bike, motorcycle, watercraft and more. All RAM iPhone mounts provide access to your device ports and buttons. Choose from a variety of iPhone holders including the popular X-Grip®, Form-Fit, Spring-Loaded and AQUA BOX®.

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X-Grip® Holders and Mounts

X-Grip® phone holders feature a four leg design that offers impressive holding power without hiding your cell phone behind foam pads and plastic. Simple to open and close, the spring loaded X-Grip® leaves the outside edge of your phone almost completely free of annoying obstructions. Soft rubber fingers apply just enough force to keep your device in place.
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IntelliSkin for iPhone

Intelliskin™ iPhones integrate the device’s charging port into the sleeve creating standard charging contacts compatible with all GDS™ enabled docks. This protects and ruggedizes Apple iPhones for commercial use. When used with GDS™ compatible docks and a connectivity hub, you gain easy device charging, data pass through and peripheral use whether at a desk, vehicle or workstation.
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Form-Fit Holders and Mounts

The RAM form-fit cradle is the perfect mounting accessory, allowing you to take full advantage of what your device has to offer. Placing your cell phone into the holder and removing it for use is easy but while in place, you can be confident your device is secure. Attached to numerous ball-and-socket mounting kits, you're sure to find the ideal cell phone mount.
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Spring-Loaded Holder and Mounts

Spring-Loaded cell phone holders feature high strength composite and a spring loaded design. The phone mount contains adjustable side clamps and spring-loaded hooks that expand and contract tightly around your device providing ultimate security. Appropriate for a wide variety of devices, your cell phone will be safe in the most rugged environments.
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AQUA BOX® Pro Holders and Mounts

AQUA BOX® is a weatherproof cell phone enclosure that keeps your device safe and dry. A unique patented PVC vinyl screen flexes to allow you to easily operate your device screen, phone functions and side buttons. Perfect for outdoor and on-the-water applications, AQUA BOX® is compatible with a full line of RAM cell phone mounts.
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