RAM Mounts Shipping offer to keep your summer adventures going

RAM Mounts offers summer shipping special

By Eric Berto

July 1, 2016

We want to make sure that RAM® Mounts goes along on all of your summer adventures. And to help get you on the road, we offered a shipping special during from July 1-15: $5.99 FedEx Ground shipping on all orders over $59.99.

instagram_1080_x_1080_v2_km_06272016For only $5.99, you can have cell phone holders, tablet mounts, GoPro mounts and more delivered to your door! RAM Mounts strives to ensure an amazing customer experience from before you consider ordering a single part until long after you’ve purchased everything you need. In addition to a lifetime warranty and a product built in the USA, part of this commitment is utilizing FedEx for our shipping. This connects you to your order throughout the entire process, assuring accurate tracking and prompt delivery.

The offer is only valid for shipping addresses in the contiguous United States.

Share your summer adventures

One of the most exciting parts of our business is the number of adventures that our customers take us on. We get to live vicariously through them and share their experiences every step of the way. Motorcycle trips through the Andes, parachuting from outer space, airplane flights over Puget Sound are just a few of the ways our customers enjoy spending their leisure time.

As you consider your summer adventures, remember that RAM Mounts has all of your mounting needs taken care of. Remember, nothing ruins an adventure faster than not having the photos and video to share and remember it by.

Go explore all that RAM Mounts has to offer and share your adventures with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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