ATV & UTV Mounts

Traversing heavy terrain or going the distance, RAM Mounts® has the mounts you need to keep your devices safe and accessible. RAM’s modular ball-and-socket design means you can swap out components, or mix and match configurations to cover a variety of uses both on and off your bike. Install a smartphone, camera, or GPS on any bicycle with RAM’s versatile bicycle mounts.

Choose from our diverse product line to find the perfect bike phone mount or device mount, custom designed by you. Create a handlebar mount for your iPhone, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, or other smartphone with the X-Grip® and other custom phone cradles.

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Strap Hose Clamp with U-Bolt Option

Widest Range of Compatible Rail Sizes
The Strap Hose Clamp Base with U-Bolt Option accommodates most common tubing sizes on UTV’s and ATV's, allowing for the placement of the RAM rubber ball base. Safely concealing a strap clamp in a compact housing, you won’t have to worry about exposed sharp edges or unwanted loosening.
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Most Secure Handlebar Mount
The U-Bolt is a low profile handlebar mount engineered to provide your device with the most secure hold possible. The contoured bolt is zinc coated and tool tightened for maximum security, and features a vibration dampening grip that is perfect for use both on and off road.
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Strap Hose Clamp

Clean and Rugged Low Profile Mount
This V-shaped Strap Hose Clamp Base is one of the cleanest and most rugged mounting options for any rails, handlebars or roll bars. With a protective sleeve covering the strap hose clamp, no charge edges will chip away at the rail surface. Simply tighten down with a flat head screwdriver and you're good to go.
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Tough Claw™

Temporary Yet Rugged
The RAM Tough Claw is the perfect mounting base for quick and easy tool-less installation and removal on rail frames of virtually any size. Mount an accessory anywhere on your frame with the Tough-Claw and never worry about it slipping or moving while you’re on the road.
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Back Rest Mount

Adjustable Double U-Bolt Mount with Back Rest
Integrating the larger 1.5" Ball and Socket mounting system, this rugged double U-bolt mount adapts to the back rails behind the seat of an ATV, and adapts to a 9.75" x 5.5" sturdy back rest pad. Available in two lengths using the larger 1.5" Double Ball & Socket design, which also offers infinite adjustability.
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