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Airplane Mounts

Activity // Flying

Tablets, phones, and GPS units are indispensable tools for pilots. For over twenty years, RAM Mounts® has been creating systems designed to integrate new ideas into time tested industries. So bring RAM with you the next time you take off — because as the times change, your cockpit shouldn't have to stay the same.

A tablet or smartphone is a navigational multi-tool used to display maps, satellite imagery, plates, and more on a single device. But the device is useless unless the pilot is able to safely view the electronic flight bag without obstructing the instrument panel or controls — and that's why we're here. 

Phone Mounts

Use RAM's aviation mounts to keep your instrument panel and controls accessible as you integrate electronic flight bag devices into your cockpit. Organize your navigational and informational devices in a way that makes sense to you, and keep your flight deck clear of clutter and distraction by mounting accessories, cameras, and personal devices off the ground and out of the way.

X-Grip for phones

Tablet Mounts

RAM Mounts are easily positioned at any angle, so you can make space to introduce new devices to your configuration. Digital maps, plates, and charts can be conveniently arranged around an instrument panel in any fashion. Mount a device on the yoke, window, or rail, using only the existing structure of the cockpit to display their screen exactly where you need it.

X-Grip for Tablets
Tough-ball action camera

Camera Mounts

The ball and socket system used in RAM Mounts features multiple adjustment points, allowing nearly 360 degree vertical and horizontal adjustment at every joint. With hundreds of components to choose from, you can find and customize a RAM mounting solution for any cockpit.

GPS Mounts

With their detachable bases, interchangeable components, and adjustable sockets, our mounts adapt to changing needs and spaces. Once a device is in a RAM cradle, it can be used with any aviation mounting components. Use a single mounting setup for multiple devices, or mix and match components to transform an old mounting setup into something new.

Form-Fit gps holder
RAM Visior


The precision laser cut cast acrylic sun visor offers ideal blockage of glare while ensuring no obstruction or distortion of view. The dark green 50% tint is ideal for blocking sun and glare in a variety of applications.

RAM Dark Green Sun Visor with 1" Ball: 50% Tint
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RAM Dark Green Sun Visor with 1" Ball and Suction Cup Mount: 50% Tint
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RAM 1" Ball Adapter for RAM Sun Visor Mount
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The RAM Multi-Pad™ is the perfect product to keep your busy life organized. Easily mounted in a variety of locations and ideal for your car, truck, or plane, the RAM Multi-Pad™ has many features you’d expect and others that will surprise you. With RAM in the name, you know the RAM Multi-Pad™ can be easily attached to a wide variety of RAM mounting solutions. With several mounting points and integrated magnets for holding your ferrous metal pen securely without the need for clips, the RAM Multi-Pad™ is ready to get to work for you.

RAM Multi-Pads
RAM Multi-Pad™ Organizer
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RAM Multi-Pad™ for the RAM Tough-Tray™
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RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount with RAM Multi-Pad™
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RAM Multi-Pad™ for the RAM Tough-Tray™
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RAM Glare Shield Clamp Mount with Multi-Pad™
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RAM Handlebar Rail Mount with Handi-Pad™
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Airlines Using RAM Mounts

RAM Mounts are used across numerous airline fleets.
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