RAM Mount Privacy Policy

National Products Inc.'s Privacy Statement
National Products Inc. respects your right to privacy and shares your concern about the security of any data you may submit to our website. The following statement discloses the guidelines we have established for protecting the information you provide to us during your visit to www.rammount.com.

This website is owned, operated, and maintained by:

National Products Incorporated
8410 Dallas Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98108
Phone: 206-763-8361
Fax: 206-763-9615
E-mail: sales@rammount.com

What information about me do you collect and how is it used?
National Products Inc. only collects personal information about you if you voluntarily choose to share it with us. We don't currently rent or sell information concerning our customers to third parties.

When you visit our website, National Products Inc. does not collect or store any personally identifiable information about you. However, we do collect and store certain data about the use of our website. This is done on an anonymous basis, and the same information is collected for all hits on our servers. The information collected may include the time and date you visited the site, the pages you looked at, and your IP address and domain name. We will never link this information to anything personally identifiable to you. We only use this information for system administration and to help us develop ideas about how we might tailor our site to improve your visit. This information is never disclosed to third parties and will not be used to contact you in any way.

On our website, there are several opportunities for you to share personal information about yourself with us. This may include information about you such as your interests, your name, and your mailing address and e-mail address. Submission of this information is strictly voluntary. If you choose to share any personal information with us, we may store it and use it for internal marketing research and other marketing purposes. We may, in the event that this information is collected as part of a warranty registration process, use this information to contact you later. If the information is sent as part of a website evaluation, we may also use the information to contact you about your comments. However, under no circumstances do we give or sell your information to another company.

You may decide to send National Products Inc. personally identifying information in an e-mail message which might contain information or inquiries about our products or services. National Products Inc. will use this information to identify you as a National Products Inc. customer and to respond to the electronic mail. We will only use the information obtained to resolve the issue identified in the e-mail. National Products Inc. never sells e-mail addresses.

Do you offer opt-out or opt-in services?
There are no opt-in or opt-out selections on our website. We may, from time to time, email newsletters or similar broadcasts to notify you of new products or special offers. If we do, these services will offer an opt-out feature if you do not wish to receive further communications. We do not provide or sell your information to any third party entities.

What if information I have previously submitted has changed?
If you need to change the information you have sent to us on a website evaluation or product registration, please e-mail sales@rammount.com, in order for us to make the appropriate updates.

Is National Products Inc. responsible for all of the material I see on your website?
National Products Inc. does maintain responsibility for and authority over all information contained on its website. However, we may post links to sites that we do not control. National Products Inc. is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these sites.

What about testimonial copy?
Testimonials submitted to sales@rammount.com may be used on the website and in promotional newsletters and other publications. If you submit communications—either written or electronic—to National Products Inc., please indicate if you do not want your submission published or if you would prefer us to use your initials rather than your full name.

While National Products Inc. encourages everyone to visit our site and learn about our company and GPS technology and applications, we have no desire to collect information from those under the age of 18. Any instance of personal information about a minor being collected would be purely accidental and unintentional. If a minor would like to submit information to National Products Inc., we ask that the child's parent submit the information on his or her behalf. We strongly encourage parents to take an active role in their children's use of the Internet and to take appropriate steps to ensure a positive and safe experience.

Where can I learn more about using the internet and protecting my privacy?
The United States Federal Trade Commission has a web page http://www.ftc.gov/privacy/index.html devoted to providing you with information about protecting your privacy online. National Products Inc. encourages you to familiarize yourself with the concepts discussed on this page.

National Products Inc. reserves the right to alter our privacy principles as business needs require. Any alterations to these principles will be posted on our websites in a timely manner.

I have comments. Where can I send them?
National Products Inc. welcomes your questions and comments regarding this Privacy Statement. Please send e-mail to sales@rammount.com