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Industries Served

Law Enforcement
RAM offers a full line of vehicle equipment for Law Enforcement Professionals. Always on the forefront of design and technology, RAM offers one of the most comprehensive lines of vehicle mounting products in the industry. Rugged docking stations, equipment console systems, and laptop mounting products are just a few of the high quality products that RAM manufactures and sells all over the world.
RAM’s rugged, patented ball and socket mounting systems are widely recognized throughout various facets of the military as the ideal mounting solution for a variety of devices. Well suited to securely mount heavy devices in high vibration applications, RAM continually proves to be an economical solution for solving complex mounting situations.
Fire/Emergency Medical Services
RAM’s rugged line of mounting solutions is ideally suited for applications in fire and emergency medical services. RAM’s dynamic product line can be quickly adapted to the varying needs of in vehicle technology for fire and emergency professionals alike.
Public Transportation
RAM products are commonly used to mount various devices in public transit vehicles. Fare boxes, RFID antennas and touch screen displays are commonly mounted using RAM’s vast catalog of rugged mounting components. Major metropolitan areas including Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Seattle and San Diego have all chosen RAM Mounting Systems as their mounting solution of choice.
Material Handling
RAM offers the most comprehensive line of mounting equipment for fork lifts in a warehousing environment. Major OEMs of vehicle mounted computers for the material handling/warehousing market have chosen RAM as the premier provider of rugged mounting solutions. Motorola, Intermec and LXE are just a few of the industry leading OEMs who have selected RAM as their preferred mounting solution. RAM’s patented rubber ball and socket design is perfectly suited for this high vibration application and, as a result, RAM enjoys a majority market share for mounting devices in the material handling industry.
Public Utilities
Nearly every major public utility provider has seen the need to automate many processes in the field to maximize their efforts and maintain efficiency. One major initiative is the addition of laptop computers in field service vehicles. Utilizing RAM Mounting Systems enables the field service worker to safely and effectively operate the laptop computer within the vehicle onsite. With safety and ergonomics at the core of our design, major public utility providers can be confident that their employees are operating their equipment as safely as possible.
Commercial Service and Delivery
Commercial service and delivery vehicles alike are constantly looking for ways to streamline process and increase efficiency. Route tracking, telematics and advanced communication are just a few ways that fleets are increasing their efficiency and decreasing downtime. RAM Mounting solutions are the ideal mounting solution to put this technology in a safe and secure location, making the devices safe for the driver to interface with. With hundreds of custom and universal vehicle mounting solutions, RAM is at the forefront of innovation in mounting technology.
Transportation and Logistics
Transportation and logistics fleet vehicles are constantly implementing new technologies to increase efficiencies and track assets. Typically one of the major challenges is how to safely mount these devices to assure the operator is safe while interacting with these devices. RAM Mounting solutions are the ideal mounting solution to put this technology in a safe and secure location. With hundreds of custom and universal vehicle mounting solutions, RAM is at the forefront of innovation in mounting technology.
Oil Field Industry
Various facets of the oil field industry demand a wide variety of technology to assure accuracy and efficiency through the work cycle. Whether it is mounting a laptop in field workers vehicles or mounting expensive monitoring equipment to the oil rig, RAM has the product line to support virtually any mounting need.
Heavy Duty Trucking
Truck drivers recognize RAM laptop mounts as the ideal solution for mounting their laptops in their vehicle cabs. Checking emails, running GPS or simply watching DVDs after their shift, a RAM laptop mount is an essential tool for truck drivers’ daily life. In addition, many large trucking fleets have selected RAM products to mount a wide variety of essential devices which are integral to the daily functioning of their business.
Consumer Electronics
RAM offers a full line of rugged and non rugged mounting solutions for a wide variety of consumer electronics. RAM offers solutions for mounting Netbooks, Laptops, Smart Phones, GPS, and a wide variety of electronic devices in virtually any mobile application.
RAM offers the most complete selection of mounting solutions designed specifically for motorcycles, ATV/UTVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft. RAM’s patented rubber ball and socket design is ideally suited for these high vibration applications. In addition, the ball and socket design allows the user to adjust their mounted device to the perfect viewing angles quickly and easily. Garmin and TomTom have both selected RAM Mounting Systems to be included in the box on their motorcycle specific GPS products.