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  • RAM® Dual Articulating Suction Cup Base

    RAM® Suction Cups are regarded as one of the most impressive suction cups in the world. Their incredible holding power is surprising when considering how most suction cups function. When two suction cups are used together the performance is amazing. The RAM® Dual Articulating Suction Cup is an amazing innovation in suction cup mounting. With the ability to independently articulate each suction cup, this mounting base can be used in a variety of applications such as curved windows and surfaces. Whether you are mounting to a curved surface on a vehicle, or a curved windshield, this product is the ideal solution for secure suction cup mounting.

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  • RAM® No-Drill™ Laptop Mounting Kit for Chevrolet/GMC Trucks and SUVs

    The best option for mounting a laptop in your vehicle, RAM provides a laptop mount that is ergonomic, safe and secure. With RAM's patented rubber ball design, our ruggedized laptop mount is built to absorb vibration and shock for years of productivity. No drilling is required during installation; using the existing hardware in the vehicle is all that is required to secure the laptop base. The dual articulating swing arm with telescoping feature provides multiple articulation points for both driver and passenger use.

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  • RAM® Mounts for the Garmin Monterra™

    If you are planning a trip off the beaten path, the new Garmin Monterra™ is an ideal companion, and if it isn't in your pocket, you're probably on the trail or at the lake. No matter how you choose to get to your destination, RAM offers mounting solutions that are compact, durable and that will keep your Monterra™ fully accessible. An absolutely perfect fit for your Garmin Monterra™, the RAM cradle allows access to all ports and is easy to remove. High quality materials ensure your Garmin is safe, secure, and within easy reach. RAM’s patented design also dampens shock and vibration helping to extend the life of your GPS. Simple to install and easy to use, the mounting possibilities become endless for your Garmin Monterra™.

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  • Harris RF-3590

    Ruggedized Tablet Docking Station

    The Harris RF-3590 Tablet lets you access a wideband network and share real-time information when and where you need to. User friendly and highly portable, this 7” Android tablet features a host of capabilities providing unprecedented access to a variety of applications and mission-critical information.

    The RAM® Docking Station for the Harris RF-3590 is the perfect complimentary solution, enabling even further versatility in vehicle mounted scenarios. Whether you are mounting the RF-3590 in wheeled or tracked vehicles such as MRAP, HMMWV, APC, Land Rover, Jeep or other military vehicles and aircraft, RAM® offers a variety of mounting solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations for safety, versatility, quality and reliability.

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NPI Corporate Capabilities

National Products Inc., (NPI) was founded by Jeff Carnevali in 1994 and is the parent company of RAM Mounting Systems and PRO PULL Prop Pulling Tools. Located in Seattle Washington, NPI manufactures products that are distributed around the world and in use in almost every country. NPI believes in providing the most durable and innovative products possible, and stands behind that level of quality with our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our commitment to quality, durability and innovation has made us an industry leader and we are committed to continuing to provide the finest products to our customers for use in the most demanding environments.

NPI’s diverse set of manufacturing capabilities allows us to efficiently manufacture true American made products that meet and exceed the demands of our customers. With our in-house design staff and rapid prototyping capabilities, NPI is able to quickly engineer, prototype and produce quality products that set industry trends. Using the latest technologies in 3D CAD/CAM and 3D Printing as well as conventional metal fabrication, sand casting, composite and rubber injection molding as well as our highly automated die casting facility all located in Seattle Washington, NPI can coordinate and develop new products that meet the demands of ever changing markets. Our vast product line combined with over 100 issued patents and more than 60 patents pending, you can be sure that NPI will continue to provide products and support to the industries and customers that have made NPI a success.